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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Join us for international adventure with our fast-track family holding Old World values while adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go...!

Mouth-Watering English

A tantalizing fragrance filled the house. Something delightful for dinner was in the oven.  Our youngest, Sashenka, aged 14.5, tried to guess what it might be. The kids’ English still lacked in 101 ways, speaking like my grandmother, straight off the boat from Russia. Often, I refused to help them, making them work for words…


Monday Mottoes – #83

Embarrassment is highly overrated, in my opinion. There are many tasks and trials undertaken every day for which we are not suited. But do them, we must. Do them to the best of our ability and forget about agonizing over it. A friend had a heart episode over the weekend. It was late at night…


Hurt Children – Hurt Puppies

Occasionally, we have a child or two who demonstrate the hurt and trauma fallout from their past. Well, maybe change that to frequently…. Most everything irritates them, bothers them, and frustrates them. They think you’re overbearing, they think you’re aloof. They sneer and make snake eyes at you, while asking what you’re buying them for…


The Farce of French

My middle two children are studying French. It’s done through a very good DVD course with textbook and workbook. Unfortunately, I am the classroom quizzer and Pasha and Mashenka don’t like it one bit. The first exhibits shut-downs, the second, meltdowns. I learn that they follow their video-instructor’s every hint as to what will be…


Ready for the Rope Braid

My hair falls just below shoulder length. And I don’t have a long neck. So that gives me a bit of hair to work with, but not too much. A new look has caught my attention and may be great for spring or summer if the hair gets any longer because it requires some length….


My Son, the Model

I refer to my second son, long and lean, attractive and not-so-bright. Possibly perfect model material. Friends have mentioned in passing that he would have what it takes. Question is: what does it take? It’s either this, or back to the hot dog stand idea…. Good looks are not enough. Fitting into a 40R might…


Monday Mottoes – #82

Recently, I’ve perused quotes and opinions about balancing the many aspects of life. They range from suggesting we give up before even trying to balance the disparate parts, to encouraging that we give it our best shot because all of it matters so very much. Each of them in some way makes sense to me….


Diet Soda is Out

I knew it, I just knew it. After my doctor revealed that my new portion size is one-half of one carrot, with perhaps 1/4 of a brussel sprout thrown in for good measure, I could not find the most likely culprit hindering my Slim Jim makeover. A pile of spinach? A tiny tub of Greek…


Texts Gone Astray

The other day I sent a text message. That very fact says a lot considering that I really didn’t send any maybe six months ago. Now I’ve expanded from texting two people to ten or twelve. Woo-hoo. However, it can backfire. When texts are sailing back and forth, fast and furious, I can get confused…


What to Do Without College

I often consider our second son, Pasha. As an older adoptee with definite signs of Fetal Affects Syndrome, I wonder if college is in the cards for him. So far, high school has proven hard enough, so that would look like a no. What can he do with his life, then? I’m not the kind…