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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Join us for international adventure with our fast-track family holding Old World values while adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go...!

Monday Mottoes – #159

With the presidential debates upon us tonight, racial protests and curfews looming in certain cities, we turn our thoughts to happier topics, such as the changing seasons. Autumn is upon us with cooler temps and crisper days. No leaves near us have been changing just yet, but the promise of fall foliage looms on the…


Phoneless and Homeless

The family headed out for a one-day getaway in honor of our oldest son’s upcoming 20th birthday. Hot on the heels of the successful meeting of my deadline, I was beyond exhausted, but happy. Leaving the house before dawn, we packed up the troops on our way between Point A and Point B… in order…


Victory in Spite of Incredible Obstacles

So, the big deadline was looming. Working semi-around-the-clock (that means an hour or two of sleep each night), I made it. Thank you, Lord. The target date had been pushed up by six weeks. That’s not negligible. The published cut-off was November 11… which somehow later equalled out to September 21 for approval purposes… which…


Inward Strength to Withstand Stress

I was never one to watch Star Wars, but the fictional Jedi Master Yoda apparently dispensed his wisdom throughout. If ever there is a need for wisdom, it’s for our generation that has been ruled by mindsets such as, “If it feels good — do it”, “Go with the flow”, stemming out of an even…


Monday Mottoes – #158

Following with interest the story of Israel Kristal, age 113, who will be celebrating his belated bar mitzvah, one century later, got me to thinking. How do people spring back after being knocked down time and time and again? Growing up in what would become Poland, Kristal was motherless when his father went to fight…


My Adult Merit Badges

I was never a girl scout. Adventuresome, yes. Athletic, yes. Lots of field trips and fun, cooking, crafts and friendships, yes. But, merit badges? No. Think of all the fun that could have been! I went to the girl scout site. It appears that the awards are called “badges”. My dad and brother were part…


Stretching for More in Home and Business

Are you ready to snap? Welcome to the rubber band life, where stretching is the only way to take new territory. Your average parent doesn’t like the idea of stretch marks, whether in the physical body through birth, in your wallet and sense of privacy through invasive adoption costs and questions, or the later psychic…


AmeriMama Lures Pregnant Russians

With headlines blazing, I thought for a moment this was a program for pregnant Russian women to give birth in America… in order for Americans to adopt Russian babies-! Now there’s an idea to skirt Russian anti-American adoption laws. But instead, it’s a scheme whereby Russian women come to a New Jersey hospital to receive…


A House Divided

Now that many no longer read their Bibles, it could be that our American populace is not familiar with the verse, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). They might also not be aware that Abraham Lincoln used that passage in his famous anti-slavery speech of June 16,…


Monday Mottoes – #157

You’ve heard about “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride”, but today we have a slight variation adapted to business. We’ll get to our quote in just a minute, but here’s a thought: Don’t be a lady-in-waiting, or a guy-in-waiting, always waiting on someone else for your success. Sure, a number of endeavors take team effort….