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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Join us for international adventure with our fast-track family holding Old World values while adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go...!

Preventing Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

Obviously, if you don’t want to be affected by poison ivy, sumac, oak, you need to get rid of them from your yard. Easier said than done. But what if you come into contact with the plants while out hiking or working somewhere? If you act quickly, you need not suffer with a painful rash…


Monday Mottoes – #155

“I think I can, I think I can,” said the Little Engine That Could. Perhaps you remember something from your childhood echoing that 1963 inspirational cartoon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx9xO98kcBU). Nowadays, cartoons seem to have different messages, yet that encouraging word will never grow old. Today, so many give up after engaging in any initial exertion. Their tenacity,…


And We Try Again… Mashenka’s Future

Take Two. Or Three. Or Four or whatever we’re up to at this point. Mashenka came back for more help from me. Her father’s urging proved beneficial. Of course, I could just go up to the 18-year-old and tell her, “Look, you’re bright, you’re personable, you could have a lot going for you in your…


The Paralysis of Analysis: Mashenka’s Future

Our daughter’s “custom-made future” that I wrote about less than two weeks ago has bitten the dust. We had a good talk, I gave her a simple gameplan, what else she might research and possible next steps to take. No pressure, nothing forced upon her, I imagined I was following her expressed interests. And then…


I Believe the Female Fox Newscasters

It’s not difficult to anyone whose head is not in the sand. I mean, what’s with the heavily made-up, mini-skirted women of Fox News? I’ve wondered that for years. I don’t get it. Maybe I work in much more conservative realms in our nation’s capital, but when a grown woman wears a sleeveless, low-cut top…


Archaeology is a Dirty Business

If you enter a convenience store and glimpse a guy or gal covered in sweat and dirt, they may not be a local landscaper or construction worker. It might be your local archaeologists fresh from the field, using the facilities or grabbing a quick drink or snack. Archaeology is a dirty business. There are those…


Monday Mottoes – #154

Fear, uncertainty, doubts can conspire to hold back the best of us. We become paralyzed, we don’t move forward, we hesitate and choke. Today we have two mottoes because both are powerful and both are similar. They, in essence, are saying that unless you are willing to take risks, you will remain stuck in life….


Target’s $20 Million Learning Curve

Ah yes, upside-down and inside-out. Some twist and turn so much in an effort not to cry “Uncle!” and give up… that it becomes an even more ludicrous waste of time and money. Witness this summer’s slump in sales at the once-great Target, whose sales and stock plummeted in light of its transgender bathrooms and…


Learning All We Can

My cousin was maybe 20 years old when she arrived in America. She and I had been born one day apart, the daughters of twin brothers. He worked in the Old Country, whereas my father lived in the US. Tanya had dual citizenship and while she was visiting, decided to get her driver’s license, much…


Sick, Depraved Attack in South Sudan

The details will make your skin crawl. The report has come to light one month later. International aid workers, primarily Americans, were targeted for attack in South Sudan. Living in a protected compound, they never imagined being violently overrun by South Sudanese forces last month who would repeatedly rape, beat and rob them in their…