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“Palestine” is a Problem

Have you heard about the Palestinian Authority’s latest strong-arm tactics to join the United Nations?  A vote is coming up with the Security Council on 11/11/11 to grant Palestinians full membership.  The US plans to veto the request, as well they should.

When UNESCO (the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) voted to admit Palestine earlier this week, it was a deliberate move by the Palestinians to get into a part of the UN where the Americans could not veto the vote.  The US has their own laws to contend with, one of which bars contributions to organizations that bestow membership to groups that are not internationally recognized states.  Long story short, UNESCO will not be receiving any more funding from the United States and Canada, who make up about one quarter of its total funds and who have pulled their support from the Paris-based group.

Bravo to these countries who are, in essence, saying, “Enough is enough!”  Since when does a terrorist organization join the UN Security Council, and our taxpayer dollars go to finance them?  Probably around the time that the Iranian president comes to New York to address the UN General Assembly, claiming that the US Government manufactured the 9/11 attacks by planting bombs inside the buildings long before planes ever hit the towers.  Or, probably around the time that plans are made to build a mosque at the site where so many were murdered by misguided Moslems.

Amazing.  Has the world gone mad?

When Israel recently did the prisoner swap for one lone 25-year-old soldier, Gilad Shalit, kidnapped and held captive for five+ long years, now weakened and emaciated, in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners who were held in Israeli prisons, many of them convicted for terrorist attacks resulting in the loss of lives, now appearing fat and happy upon release, the contrast could not be more stark.  This gives a glimpse into the mindset of each side regarding the value of human life.

The Palestinians, in their usual round-about way, plan to apply to 16 other specialized UN agencies, rather than wait for the 11/11 UN Security Council decision.  Having lived in the Mid-East, and understanding from surveys that the majority of Palestinians now accept terrorism as a necessary part of their political struggle, it’s time to “Just say no” to their bid for UN membership.

I am including a link on the blog (at the bottom of the page)  to write to your Member of Congress and also to sign a petition.  Clear-cut action is needed in the next few days which would send a loud and clear  message to terrorist organizations:  We’re not putting up with your games any longer.

Please forward this to interested friends.


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