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10 Dumb Reasons Your Child is Not Smart

Following a scholarly article on “Changing Your Child’s Brain”, we need to lighten things up at 3-D, since some kids don’t respond to interventions immediately.  In other words, they’re still not smart.  And it’s usually due to dumb reasons.

Here are a few for you to consider.

1.  My child is dumb because she has dumb friends. Entirely possible.  Entirely probable.  Whether she has more influence on them, or they have more influence on her dumbness/smartness ratio is up for speculation.  “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you will become.”

2.  My child is not smart because she is lazy.  It’s easier to be stupid, let’s face it.  And if she can figure that out, then how dumb is she, really?

3.  She plays too many video games and it warps her brain.  You do the research.  Screen time of any kind over 30 minutes or so a day results in a mushy mind.  If she needs a computer for school, I’d turn it off at home, except for an occasional treat.

Hmm… and what does this say about us adults online non-stop?

4.  She is not around good role models.  In order to aspire to greatness, she needs to observe some greatness.  Good news there:  my kids are available for hire!  Twenty bucks per minute, plus travel expenses.

5.  She is emotionally immature, which leads to mental incompetence.  Right, and your question would be-?  If she’s not smart enough to want to be smart, she’s dumb.  Of course, you’re entitled to a second opinion.  I have seen this is in action, myself.

6.  She has dumb teachers.  Could be.  We’ve interviewed a few schools and been shocked by the educator’s level of stupidity.  As Judge Judy would say, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”  Vet those who are going to be (hopefully) leading your child to higher heights.  There are good teachers out there.  If not, teach them yourself.

7.  She has no commonsense.  Of course not.  She’s not smart, you say.  You can’t be dumb in one area, and a brain surgeon in another.  Then again, what about Albert Einstein who couldn’t even find his own way home after school?  Be encouraged: maybe she’s saving up her brainpower for important research projects leading to a Nobel Prize and is smiling at that loser guy just because she has no commonsense.

8.  She’s wading in the shallow end of the gene pool and we can blame it on her parents.  See, there are benefits to adopting!

9.  She lives in a land where televised political debates are orchestrated to keep candidates away from discussing the issues.  Interruptions, distractions, and sneering can seriously affect what few smarts there are to go around.

10.  She might just be faking it.  Being dumb is “in” and most kids prefer to be part of the in-crowd.  Unfortunately, what’s in today, will be out tomorrow:  out of a job, out of money, out of luck.

Today, when kids across the country are taking the PSAT, let’s pray for a wave of smartness to hit our land.  After all, if they’re exposed to you on a daily basis, there’s got to be hope.



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