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10 Ways to Beat Sickness/Stay Healthy During Winter

warmIf there’s one thing better than overcoming sickness in the dead of winter, it’s staying healthy in the first place. So many tips exist to help navigate us through cold and flu season. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, so whether or not these are 100% FDA-approved, hey, they seem to work for us. Here they are:

1. Dress warmly. From your core (chest to hip trunk part of body) to your extremities (hands, feet, nose, ears, head), you will be miserable if you’re always cold and fighting to stay warm. Physicians tell us that having several layers over the heart protects us even more from any weather-Hotrelated shocks to the heart.

2. Take a hot shower. This helps rev up the circulation and opens stuffy nasal passages. A dehumidifier in a room or a boiling pot of water nearby can also help.

p3. Don’t blow your nose vigorously, a tip that surprised me as I thought that one of my children should blow her nose more often! A University of Virginia Medical School study from several years back indicates that people blow their nose an average of 45 times per day for the first three days of a cold and that each blow actually forces a millimeter of mucus into the sinuses. This increases the severity of the cold due to the virus or bacteria being spread. npotCoughing or sneezing does not have the same negative effect, apparently, which I find hard to believe based on some of the raspy hacking I’ve heard, but I understand if it’s referring simply to propelling the nasty stuff back into your system. Just leaving it in your nose can’t be good, either. Dab or lightly blow the nose, squeezing the other nostril shut simultaneously. Best to do this in private.

4. Neti pot and nasal irrigation. Or a bulb syringe with a non-iodine salt solution. Basically washing out your nose… I’ll ibulet you read up on that for yourself-!

5. Take aspirin or ibuprofen. Either are anti-inflammatories.  Vitamin C, echinacea, elderberry– not sure of the science behind them, but why not give them a try?  Prayer is right up there, as well….

6. Chicken soup! Hot tea. It opens any congestion. Drinking

A bowl of chicken noodle soup.  Focus is on the front of the spoon.

A bowl of chicken noodle soup. Focus is on the front of the spoon.

sufficient fluids throughout the day also is a good idea as you don’t want to become dehydrated— water, juice, broth.

7. Gargle with warm salt water for a scratchy throat. Kills germs on contact.

8. Get plenty of rest. Your body replenishes itself during sleep. Take a nap if you need it. Sleep is very restorative.

salve9. Menthol or eucalyptus salve under the nose allows one to breathe more easily. I didn’t realize that it also assists in healing the rawness that can result from a dripping nose.

10. Most of all — stop touching your face! Germs often enter our body through contact and close proximity. Disinfect phones, door handles, remote controls, keyboards, sink faucets with antibacterial wipes. And wash your own hands on a regular basis.

Here’s to your winter-time health!


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