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$358 R/T to Moscow

Maybe the sky is falling and we’re on the edge of a fiscal cliff, but airfare prices are plummeting, too.  They’re falling so low, it makes me, world traveler who likes to stay home once in a while, want to plan a trip… so as not to miss out!

I receive travel alerts in my inbox all the time, and this one is hotter than hot:  $358 roundtrip, Washington, DC – Moscow – Washington, DC.  That makes even us non-state, nation’s capital, inside-the-Beltway, taxation-without-representation folks take notice.  Read my lips:  roundtrip, all taxes and fees paid.  Travel dates are January through April 2013.

Keep in mind that I have no connection whatsoever with this company, and they don’t know that I exist, other than I, along with you, might want to take advantage of their cheap flights that are anywhere from one-half to one-quarter of what this kind of airfare usually costs.  Check it out at Fly.com.  I hope they’re not sold-out overnight.

For our family of six that would be $2148, the normal cost of a couple of airline tickets!  Amazing.  Why, oh why, do these deals only come when you have no. plans. whatsoever. to travel to that part of the world???

Maybe it’s a sign.  Maybe we should travel.

Hmmm… then there are hotels, and meals, and transportation.  Nothing that pitching a pup tent or two in Red Square, Ramen noodles, and the Moscow subway can’t solve.

As they say in Russian, “Pah’dyom!” (Let’s go!)



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  1. avatar ap says:

    How much for a one-way? ;o}

  2. avatar Shelley says:

    What a tremendous price! I feel the same way, it would be awful to pass up such a deal! Where were these prices when we were adopting? I’m going to pass the word along, thank you.

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