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45 Minutes for Moi—I Did It

10310744-woman-walkingYou would think I had said I was jetting off to have tea with the Queen of England. Everyone stopped in their tracks. Jaws dropped. Another tried to highjack the car. Only one sent me a virtual high-five text from work.

I was going out to exercise on my own. Used to do it with my husband but schedules and differing interests got in the way. Used to do it with my oldest son, but now he starts work at 5:00 am.

“Are you going by yourself?” he texted back incredulously.

You see, I am not allowed to do anything on my own. Apparently, I am a delicate flower. But this is not to my advantage. I used to be a real person with a real life.

Even now, if I need to take a solo business trip halfway around the iphone-textingworld, or have coffee with girlfriends, or do anything approaching not catering to everyone else’s beck and call… I’ll hear about it. There will be a ritual shunning by some family members to show their distinct displeasure.

woman-walkingFine. I can handle it.

“Yes, I’m going by myself,” I texted back. “If anyone konks me on the head at this early hour, at least I will die in a healthier condition.”

“Good for you. Uh, the healthy part.”

Naturally, before I head out, I take a shower, dry and style my hair, dress sportily, read my Bible, pray, check on the dogs who want to be fed but it’s a little too early for that, make sure the kids are up, send some business texts abroad, have coffee, and finally make a break for it.

I drive to a nearby location to do my morning zaryadki (exercises). I could have driven to the nearby high school track, but there I would encounter boot camp types. BTDT. Thanks, but no thanks, I have plenty of people already yelling at me.

This would be my time. MY time. I would choose a remote venue to not have to deal with people, which made it slightly IMG_3885scary when it was so early and so empty. Ah well. At least the sun was up. The shops were closed and I set off. Not more than ten minutes into my routine, I receive a text from Benedetto.

“What about the dogs? Who’s going to feed the dogs?”

“I will. When I get back.”

It was hard to try to put myself even tenth place in order of priority.

The walkway spreads damp before me. Even the ducks huddle in dawny, downy sleep. I had heard that it would be colder. I start to break a sweat, walking, jogging, walking, jogging. The odd maintenance man laboring nearby makes me nervous, but this was a calculated risk that women worldwide face.

woman-walking-awayI’m fine with exercising inside my home, however, there was something important about getting out of my immediate environs, to begin to breathe, to examine the sights and sounds of the outside world. Too much of my life was spent working, researching, involved in a myriad of inside activities. I deserved to come alive and feel my heart pound as I pushed my muscles into the second round, giving a shortcut a second glance, before taking the high road.

Less than an hour later, I’m home. One of the children turns her back to me as I arrive, won’t even say hello. How dare I do something for myself? Only they’re allowed to do that!

And you know what? I don’t care. I feel good. Back in the shower again, I do my quick-change-artist routine, and return to my previously-scheduled duties in no time. All the better for it.


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