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52 Final Hours…

overloadI finished my deadline project with 52 hours to spare. After months and months of work, the final touches are yet to be added, but I’m pretty much done. Exhausted, happy and exhausted.

Did I say exhausted?

The brain is fairly fried. I continue sending the wrong texts to the wrong persons while undertaking multi-person conversations.

Oh wait— I do that normally, anyway….

Okay, so it’s gotten worse.

Tons of things have gone undone with my nose to the grindstone. I ask the kids to help. One empties thedisorganized dishwasher, another vacuums, while this one dusts. I go back to work, emerge for a cup of coffee and see the third one swinging the dust-cloth around her head, flicking and swatting it at cobwebs real and imagined. In essence, she’s doing more harm than good, lol. Welcome to my world.

They take the dogs for a walk in 20-something-degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures and the dogs are not wearing sweaters. Never mind that they’re Scotties with longish hair. It’s cold-! I hear the door shut and ask if anyone has put the little guys’ sweaters on. Another teen runs out the door to remedy the situation… not wearing a coat or sweater, either. Welcome to my world.

Clothing hems are falling out. Piles of papers need to be filed. The whole house lacks organization. There could be scientific, mold-growing experiments in the refrigerator for all I know. The car needs to be thoroughly cleaned. French tests sit ungraded. Calendars full of activities need to be updated. Without my keen eye and supervision, the whole world is falling apart. Welcome to my world.

researchpaperI have finished my major project and come up for air not a moment too soon. Regardless of the fact that a few more hours of focused concentration must be given to my things, all of the family gets the idea that I’m free at last. I make them a special dessert and work on the computer while they watch a movie.

The dogs snuggle. For weeks, in the car, the dogs have tried to jump on top of me and sleep in heavenly peace during our long jaunts between homes. No can do. Need to write volumes. I send them back to the other kids after 30 minutes or so.

Now all that has changed. I will be back to normal, for a while, at least! My texted thanks goes out to all who have prayed, encouraged and basically left me alone for months on end (except for mini-breaks of a few minutes here or there).

I can breathe, relax, exhale. The whole world looks bright with promise. Ahhh…..


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