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90-Day Foolishness

CouplesThe other day, our family watched TV for the first time in a long time. Somehow, lacking anything of any substance, we ended up with TLC’s “90-Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days”. Not sure if that was a good move, or a bad move.… One thing’s for sure: watching this train wreck of K-1 visa wishful thinkers provided our kids with more life lessons than years of relationship counseling.

The take-away? People will believe anything they want to believe, even with plenty of proof to the contrary. So many of the boyfriends/girlfriends were out and out liars/ cheaters/ or schemers. And their intended fiances-to-be imagined that they were the catch of the century!

Gotta. be. kidding.

I guess if you’re desperate for love…. Maybe if you’re unable to find any kind of date in your own home country, but really? Really???

ADAP5P Young couple not communicating after an argument

So crazy. So sad.

Anyone listening with even half an ear would know phony-baloney scams from half a world away. Older men with young girls twenty or forty years younger. Younger guys with women the age of their mothers. Those who refuse to reveal criminal convictions and incarcerations, or the fact that they already have a boyfriend.

Are they aware that they’re being filmed? And would it be for a television program entitled, “Pen Pals Around the World”?

The boyfriend hates the native food, or the fact that the girlfriend has a sugar daddy on the side. The girlfriend hates that the boyfriend has deceived her, or that he wants to control her free time with her own friends. Despite all indications to the contrary, they still dream of a wedding with their intended love interest-!

couplesWhere is the self-respect? Sure, there were bound to be cultural differences with couples from two different countries, but these included basics about personal health and nutrition, childrearing, drinking alcohol and paying a bride dowry which included a cash payment… along with two water buffalo. No, no, no.

Either these prospective brides and grooms did not do their due diligence and cultural expectations homework, or life was about to get a whole lot worse very quickly. Not good. Whether dumb or deceptive, neither option leads to a marriage made in heaven.

Some of their friends trying to insert a dose of reality into the situation did not always come across as the most trusted voices, either, for reasons all their own. In many ways, your life will consist of the voices you choose to listen to and believe. Why is it so evident to those observing from the outside?

Emotions may be deceptive. Wise counsel stands.


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