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9/11: It IS Islam

Eleven years later, we remember that day of terror and confusion called 9/11.  Planes hijacked, suicide crashes, buildings falling, heroic acts by those under attack as well as first responders and innocent bystanders.  Thousands of employees walking home, covered in dust and debris, some barefoot, no money or personal belongings.  Where is my loved one?

What we fail to realize is that much of the world lives like this every day.  They suffer under the effects of terrorism, and while there may be Irish, or Communist, or other groups using terrorism to fund their low-budget war on the world, most of the terrorism today is directly related to Islam.

In a survey undertaken last year by the Pew Research Group, nearly half of Muslim Americans say that more must be one to speak out against Islamic extremists, especially by Muslim leaders in the U.S.  Keep in mind that every religious or ideological group has their fair share of nut cases.  Yet, Islam seems to lead the parade.

In recent days, as a 14-year-old Down Syndrome Christian girl in Pakistan was arrested and imprisoned for weeks after supposedly burning papers containing Quranic verses, the truth came out that the Islamic cleric of the mosque had planted the “evidence”.  This is sicker than sick.  Crowds were incited during the “call to prayer” from the minaret to drag her from prison and burn her alive.  Miraculously, she was saved and we hope she is safe in protective custody somewhere else for the time being.

Folks, this is beyond the pale.  There may be crazy pastors or rabbis out and about, but I just can’t imagine them doing such things.  If Islam truly does not condone actions such as terrorism (and you can quote as many for, as against), then where are the moderate Muslims telling the others to get a grip and shape up?

They won’t.  They can’t.  Some “holy man” will issue a death threat “fatwa” against that outspoken individual.

I have Muslim acquaintances.  I have lived in the Middle East.  There are nice Muslims out there.  For all I know, maybe they’re practicing “Islam lite”, because more and more, “radical Islam” is a redundant phrase.

Islam was birthed in terror, and continues in terror.  Islam IS the problem, and often, it’s Muslim-against-Muslim terror.  It’s time the international community, starting with their Muslim brothers, stood up and told them, “Enough.”  I hope we have the courage to send that message loud and clear, starting at Ground Zero in New York.



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Thank you for telling it like it is, and calling a spade a spade. I’m still outraged all these years later. Let’s hope we learned something.

  2. avatar Sybil says:

    You can’t get into the mind and heart of people who hate just to hate. People who are so prejudice and so cruel even against their brethren. People who teach their children utter ugliness and no beauty. What to do? I wish I had the answer. I don’t know that speaking out against them is effective because they are not influenced by anyone outside their leaders. I hope I am wrong.

    • avatar admin says:

      You’re right, Sybil, it’s wrong to hate. I agree that I don’t think they’re looking for our opinion of their actions. But they look for “soft” targets whenever possible. I find it amazing that our government has changed even their wording– State Dept. officials are no longer allowed to call it “the war on terrorism” because they have decided in a sense that it is not a war that we can win. Even the term “terrorism” is now a “man-caused disasters” since 2009. We need to start with our mindset, then our words, and then our actions that this is not acceptable.

      Israel had Palestinian suicide bombers enter their land over and over until they built a big wall. Now everyone coming or going from certain areas has to go through checkpoints. The bombings dropped to nothing, to 0% after that. Terrorism only “improves” when they are shown a force of strength. To be weak or passive shows you won’t defend yourself and basically, the bully population grows.

  3. avatar Greg says:

    Whether one wants to admit it or not, we are in a war with Islam. They hate Christians (and America which seems more un-Christian every day) to the core and will stop at no means to destroy us. Call me crazy, but just witness the killings in Libya and the protest in Egypt.

    • avatar admin says:

      You beat me to it, Greg! These are our “friends” whom this administration bent over backwards to befriend and dethrone their not-so-great leaders… to be replaced with… even worse… anarchy & extremists? I already have a blog in the works. Oy….

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