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A Blog a Day?

They tell me that November is National Blog Posting Month, where bloggers challenge themselves to write a post a day.  That’s great.  I guess.  I mean, it pushes you to produce, kind of like homework in grade school.

But most of us have other things to do.  I write for an audience who has lots of other things to do.  I’m happy when they check in, post a comment, share a laugh, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any lack of subject matter around here-!  Yet, in my mind, quantity could overshadow quality, sort of just like slinging out hash rather than creating a gourmet meal.  Not that I’m claiming to be the Great Gourmand of the Blogosphere….

People who study these things reveal that almost half of bloggers stop writing after the first three months.  Of those who continue blogging, way less than 20% update their blogs weekly.  This is understandable.  Imagine yourself at a dinner party… for three months… you might run out of items for conversation.

I probably wouldn’t.  I find everything fascinating… as long as it’s fascinating.  Blogs that list:  I AM NOW GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE are beneficial only to thieves casing a house for an easy target, in my opinion.  Does anyone else care?


In our voyeuristic society, how others live has become riveting, mesmerizing, as long as it involves a train wreck of some sort.  One lady I know asks every time she sees me if we have our own reality show, yet.  The conversation is always the same.

“We’re too normal,” I intone.

“You’re not normal at all!” she insists.  “Well, you’re normal, but that’s what’s unique!  Do you see?  ‘Normal’ is highly unusual these days!”

She’s got a point.  And she’s a highly with-it type of person, so producers, take note, lol.

Well, my friends, thanks for being there, one way or another.  Whether it’s a book or a bite-sized blog, my goal is to continue to encourage, educate, and entertain you at Destinations, Dreams, and Dogs.  God bless.




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  1. I find my blog useful for myself in that it keeps a record for me. I suspect that I get sucked into the content of my blog way more than the other 20 or so people who read it when I update. Sometimes I have stuff to say, sometimes I have nothing to say (and generally say nothing), and sometimes I have so much to say I don’t have time to say anything, if that makes sense. I always enjoy your posts though.

    • avatar admin says:

      Oh, Wendy, you’re one of the few “honest ones” to be using a blog as a record. 🙂 I think that’s wonderful. Maybe at another time of life I would have written one of those very dreamy blogs to later be made into a book for the child… nothing negative allowed… but I feel that unless I’m “real” (which thankfully, doesn’t necessarily mean negative), how will others be helped or encouraged? It’s great to have so many “voices” out there, friends always send me links to this or that, truly there’s something for everyone!

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