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A Clean House… with No More “Stuff”

farmhouse-dining-tablesThe younger you are, the more impressive things/ possessions/ collections are. I think I could start a few museums with all of my “stuff”, and that’s a good idea, because museums are for collections. In a house, in a life, it tends to overwhelm.

I’m tiring of stuff, of noise, of nonsense.

My eyes linger longingly on photos of a long wooden table… and a eclectic-dining-tablescouple of chairs. Period. “Maybe” a vase of flowers, or a bowl of fruit.


Otherwise, a bare room.

Love it.

Plain, pared-down, sparse. No more sensory overload. No more possessions because of horror vacui.

thCould be an ultra-modern and sleek turn-of-the-21st-century house. Might be a turn-of-the-20th-century farmhouse with sanded and waxed, wide-plank floors. I’d take either.

The whole more-more-more pursuit is impressing me less-less-less. I like dusted surfaces and quiet surroundings. Perhaps I’m preparing to hibernate for the winter.

Hearing a dog’s measured breathing next to me, contemplating his doggy-masculine heavily-padded paws somehow makes me happy. Seeing some late-blooming flowers in a riot of color makes me smile. A quiet lane for walking where the birds chirp, or the squirrels chatter makes me laugh.

Just as long as they stay out of my attic.

Everywhere we go, I notice bunny rabbits following us. This is what happens whenRabbit-Pictures you tune into the world around you. They’re on the front lawn, in the backyard, hopping across the street. In the city? Hey, they have a life, too. They seem so peaceful and clean, even though I’ve examined a rabbit cage or two full of droppings in my time. I wonder how they’ll make it with raccoons and winter lurking in the shadows. Maybe the bunnies will want some possessions when it’s cold outside.

That could be the answer. Those of us with too much can give to those without enough.

Win-win. Blessing-blessing. Clean-clean.  Maybe it’s spiritual house-cleaning.

Turn down the volume, tune into others, value what’s important.  We can dream, can’t we?


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