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A Do-It-Yourself Painting Project

thToday I am painting the back steps. Oh yes, I am. Oh no, I’m not loony. Oh no, there’s not anyone else to do it.

Husband? Children? All TOO BUSY. Very important people. No time for the mundane things in life, of which there are plenty.

Workmen, you say? I’m all for it. But every time we schedule someone, it turns out that they become VERY BUSY, as well. They can’t seem to show up at the appointed hour, nor on the appointed day. They traipse through the house and drive the dogs nuts. They walk around the house and incite the dogs to riot.

For all intents and purposes, they might as well be burglars. Come to think of it,6914661338_af99f6518b if I could teach burglars to paint, maybe they could leave their life of crime behind, and come and go so quietly, no one would be disturbed in the process.

Instead, I have to disturb myself. If you want something done, ask a busy person, a REALLY BUSY person, such as myself. Because I have scheduled it, and it’s going to get done.  “Do-it-yourself” to the max.

steps3It’s not a big project at all. Maybe ten or twelve big, wrought iron steps with railings, leading down to the yard from the tiny, urban back porch. Or landing. Or whatever you would call such an understated entryway.

Slap the paint on it, and be done with it. Sure beats trying to nag people who will somehow try to turn it into my fault that the steps need painting. Personally, I think it’s the dogs’ fault, or, to be more specific, their toenails propelling them down the back steps at speeds approximating the speed of light. All you can see is a blur of black fur from Misha and Grisha the Scotties 11064623-3d-chrome-paint-can-fall-black-colorsflying down the back steps.

Come to think of it, they are VERY BUSY dogs, as well.

So I check on the paint. That’s all I requested. Glossy black paint for wrought iron.

“One small can,” Benedetto reports.

“I’ll need more,” I explain, well able to size up work sites.

“That’s all they had,” he shrugs, apparently willing to push me enough so that I’ll demand time and a half pay.

thThe plan was to do it yesterday. But he said no. Now I know why. And now it’s going to possibly rain later in the afternoon. So I’ll have to hurry.

If I can get some paint. And if the dogs can go elsewhere to do their business. And if the temperatures stay good. And if I don’t suddenly become VERY BUSY overnight.

Pray for me.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    If you want it done right….

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