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A Drive in the Country

thPerhaps if you live in the country, you might want to get away to a big city for a change.  For us urbanites, a drive in the country is just the thing.

We had sold the kids on a staycation, because the rest of us, namely their two parents, have things to do during spring break.  Even though we’re homeschoolers, our oldest son plays for a local high school tennis team, and thus, we were0d15666cd6d39e780927fb18a8fe3db1 locked into their calendar this spring.

Our four teens were pretty psyched about the idea of doing all sorts of things not normally possible on our schedule.  Hopefully, we’d do a few of them, as long as the first day IMG_0565was something for their father and me, hence, the drive in the country.

I didn’t know that it would involve winding mountain roads, but that was the Benedetto part.  Sashenka was feeling queasy from the hairpin turns, the dogs became antsy and wanted to leap out the SUV and attack white-tailed deer, while our other kids enjoyed the spectacular IMG_0572vistas, sketched, and snoozed.  I felt my own head drop once or twice as turn after turn repeated itself.

With hurricanelike, gusting winds in the vicinity, our picnic in the park turned into a picnic in the car.  Nobody complained since the wind tunnel effect prevented us from opening our doors even if we wanted to.

But when we took a different way home, that’s when things IMG_0573became interesting.  Signs began appearing for tea rooms, country stores, and antiques. 

Now we were talking….

Mountain honey, country quilts, apple jelly, pumpkin butter, Virginia hams.  We stopped at an old, used bookstore with a porch full of dusty, 25-cent volumes.  It took me back to my childhood.  We ended up spending a whopping 50 cents.

Have you been for a drive in the country recently?


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