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A Fashion Photographer Meets Jesus

s640x480I’m not sure how I happened upon it, but the images are breathtaking. An American fashion photographer traveled to an Italian village to film some of the words of Jesus in a project entitled, “Journeys with the Messiah”. In his gallery of images, Michael Belk explores the modern-day relevance of Jesus.

It’s breathtaking.

The Italian actor who depicts Jesus is seen in the midst of the indexwealthy and the poor, in typically Biblical scenes and modern-day life. The One who challenges and changes hurting humanity is there, no matter if we expect Him or not. He is the Friend of sinners who are more able to be saved than they first thought.

lighten-the-loadFashion speaks to me. The Italian countryside speaks to my husband. It is a combination made in heaven and brought to earth.

I was blown away by the exquisite images of a Redeemer who gets involved in regular folks’ lives. He hears. He knows. He cares.

Thank you, Mr. Belk, for these works of art bringing good news to everyday life.

Watch the four-minute video and see for yourself: http://www.journeyswiththemessiah.org/t-thestory.aspx.


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