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A Framed Terrorist-?

6869765268_2c546ab4feMy oldest son and I watched the brief interviews with the Chechen terrorists’ father, now in Dagestan.  He claimed that some cops framed people, and that this had undoubtedly happened to his poor sons, accused of placing bombs at the Boston Marathon.

My teen thought this through.

“Mama, if someone accused us of a crime, wouldn’t we go to the police and tell them that a mistake had been made?” he asked.

“Sounds sensible to me,” I replied.

“So how could the two brothers be framed?  They had weapons, they highjacked a car, they ran from the police….”

“Good points.”

“They killed the M.I.T. security guard, they were shooting at everybody, one ran over his brother trying410256371_640 to get away, the younger brother hid….”

“You’re right.”

Now, mind you, when my son first arrived in America at almost age eight, he was sure that police officers were very bad people.  In Russia, they often are.  The cultural disconnect when moving to a new country is huge.  You need friends and family who will teach you that things are different in a new land.  Apparently, this never happened with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but we walked our son through his wrong thinking very early on.

So today, here’s a young person who thinks more clearly than idealistic terrorists trying to change the world as we know it.  May we encourage our level-headed teens that though their names may not get splashed across the press, they can do great things, and that those acts need never cause harm to others.



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