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A Good Night’s Sleep

thOh, to have a good night’s sleep. It’s not that I have many trying situations that keep me up at night. Granted, there are speeches to write, legal contracts to review and rewrite, deals to negotiate. But it’s the nonsensical things of life that keep me awake during the two hours that I desperately, truly wish to sleep.

So I will list these irritations for you, my faithful readers:

Someone let a fly in the house. Not just any fly, but the granddaddy of all flies, the kind that cruise Siberia in the dead of summer, knowing that their time is short. If I wanted to live in a tiki hut in Zambezi, I would, but for now, I spend 30 minutes trying to chase him into the bathroom so I can sleep in peace.

Then he’s there and will not leave during my morning shower….house-fly

The dogs need to go out at about 4:00 am. But someone has moved their leashes. They are always in the same place. How do you walk a dog with no leash? (Well, some of you do that all the time, I know, but our guys can glimpse one squirrel and they’d be off to the races.) So I tell the dog to hold it and try to go back to bed.

I turn to work on my computer, since I’m up anyway. Somehow, I can’t get out of my e-mail. No matter where I turn, I’m stuck in the e-mail. Something has defaulted and now I can get back to my normal settings.

flapperThe toilet flapper has flipped. It hasn’t been working for two weeks. Our oldest son replaced the flapper and now it seems even worse. My husband says he will look at it. But he doesn’t. Back to my tiki hut analogy.

Benedetto has forgotten that he has early morning prayer with other guys this morning. I reminded him about it last week. This week, I’m too tired from my own all-night prayer with all of the above situations to take care of his appointments, as well.

All I’m asking for is a good night’s sleep.

Do you get to sleep in your home?

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