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A Great Miracle Happened HERE

hanukkahA miracle is a miracle, whether great or small. As we approach Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights which begins Sunday night, our thoughts naturally go there.

I love the Hanukkah dreidel. It’s a spinning top that has little to do with the holiday itself, the fact that the Temple in Jerusalem was recaptured from the Syrian-Greeks in 165 BC and that the oil for the menorah lasted eight nights instead of one. On the four sides of the top, there are Hebrew letters standing for “A great miracle happened there”, meaning in Jerusalem. However, if you live in Israel, the dreidels have a different letter printed on the last side, standing for “A great miracle happened here.”


Imagine the most difficult thing that could ever possibly happen. Now ramp it up times ten. That’s Judah Maccabee, the Hammerkinda like a miracle. Something totally impossible taking place. The human and the Divine intersecting at the corner of need and supply.

The trigger is faith. There has to be someone believing, against hope believing in hope. Calling into being those things that don’t yet exist. Humanity cooperating with Divinity.

And BAM-! It takes place, comes to pass, manifests.

Step out in faith. A great miracle will happen here. For you.


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