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A Holy Family

the_nativity_story_08I believe that Jesus was holy, He was set apart, the Savior, the Messiah, God come to earth, Immanuel (“God with us”). But that His whole family was holy? The Bible never explicitly states that, even though some denominations call them “the Holy Family”. It makes sense, though, since “holy” means set apart for God’s purposes.

We need more families like that today.family

Mary, or Miriam as we recognize her name was in Hebrew, was called “highly favored”. I guess so-! Some would say that she was without sin, but no, only God would be without sin.

We know that Mary and Joseph, after the birth of Jesus, went on to have sons and daughters that are spoken of in the Scripture. family2The first child was Divine, miraculous, and conceived by the Spirit of God. The others were natural-born.

That in itself could set up the family for some contention and unique dynamics. Can you imagine growing up with a perfect brother or sister? (Apart from my brother who was, of course, exposed to my shining star during our childhood….) Even when Jesus was teaching in the Temple after Passover and the family started heading back to the Galilee, they noticed Yeshua missing from their caravan and had to return to find Him. That could cause friction in the family.family3

And yet God placed the Redeemer of all mankind within a family. This is our place to grow, and grate on each other (!), and extend grace, and grow some more. The Holy Family had hardships from day one, when the Romans compelled them to travel to Bethlehem for the census, and later when they had to flee for their lives into Egypt during the slaughter of the innocents. They started in poverty, giving a poor family’s offering in the Temple for their first-born, and were later family4blessed by wise men presenting extravagant gifts.

Probably one of the best gifts one could hope for is that of a family that’s whole in more ways than one. Personally, I could not believe the viciousness of the cartoonist taking a pot-shot at Sen. Ted Cruz’s family, portraying his young daughters as monkeys on leashes, all because he dares to keep his family together even during something as serious and stressful as a presidential campaign.

Without wholeness and dare I say, holiness, in our families, the society around us descends and declines.nativitystorythe_photos_1

This holiday, unplug and unwind together as a family. Teach the kids how to play together, how to respect quiet times, how to be polite and put others first and take turns and honor their elders and so many things that have fallen by the wayside in recent years….

Heaven on earth in the family just may lead to peace on earth and good will toward men.


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