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A House Divided

abraham-lincoln-photosNow that many no longer read their Bibles, it could be that our American populace is not familiar with the verse, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). They might also not be aware that Abraham Lincoln used that passage in his famous anti-slavery speech of June 16, 1858, accepting the Republican Party’s nomination for Illinois State Senator, for, historically-speaking, Republicans did not own slaves, while the Democrats did.

Later, as President of the United States, Lincoln stood for a united United States of America. During the Civil War, he is well-known to have visited war wounded on both sides of the conflict, often at danger to himself. He epitomized the ideal of social change and reform with dignity, grace and iron resolution.

Today, there are pro athletes who will not stand for our nation’s anthem, not even on 9/11. They are a disgrace. A colin_kaepernick-jpg-size-xxlarge-letterboxdisgrace. They are weak and cowardly. They should be deported.

Freedom of speech, you say? The right to protest, you say?

Absolutely. But there is a right way and there is a wrong way, maybe not a popular message today. Rather than raise a fist, how about lift a person who is suffering? Why not go to neighborhoods where you feel that discrimination is occurring and give a motivational talk about working together for the good of our nation? Inspire young people to join the police force and serve their country. Why not be a Lincoln to our land? Unify and work for change. Put in a personal appearance… on a regular basis… not just a photo op.

30cartoon3If one of the players wore a Scripture verse painted on his face, he would be tossed off the team. Hmmm… that sounds familiar. But others are free to disrespect our country, even on 9/11.

Fine them. Fire them. If it’s too hard for them to show up, play the game, and do their little protests on their own time, then get rid of them. Probably others could use some millions. Are there no rules in the NFL? Really? Thugs are running our land and disrepecting our nation in the NATIONAL Football League?

No one can bend a knee to GOD after a winning touchdown, but you can squat or sit in protest during the national anthem. No, no, no. I don’t think so. I call on the NFL to change it and their fans to boycott until things come under control. TV networks should pull the plug, as well.

If these big, brave guys can’t go to hotspots and use their influence for national unity and well-being, if they wish to 49ers Chargers Footballstir up unrest and be encouraged by President Obama that this is an exercise of free speech, I say they use some of their millions when ghettos erupt and community destruction runs rampant. I say they pay reparations to those law enforcement officers’ families, white and BLACK, whose lives are lost when tensions flare. I say they reimburse the small business owners whose windows are smashed and stores looted. I say they help when property prices fall and cars are burned on the street. Go ‘head, big guys.

Lead the land in a prayer meeting.  Increase test scores or even school attendance in strife-torn neighborhoods.  Be a big brother to those with no baby-daddy.

kaepernick-nessa-1-e1456442255813Take a job with the local police or firefighters, the kind who made a difference for those attacked on 9/11. They rushed into burning, crumbling skyscrapers, as thousands poured out, escaping into the streets, they ran back in to rescue whomever they could. Those are heroes.

There were regular people who opened churches, gave rides, helped the dazed and wounded, handed out free sandwiches. These NFL football players would be the kind trying to sell a bottle of water at 20 bucks to those in their time of need.

Here’s a note: It’s not about you. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. They all matter. Think about the good of everyone for once.

Make our country great. Go ahead. Roll up your sleeves and tackle some real problems.

It’s very troubling that during our first African American president’s tenure, race relations have hit all-time lows. 19m0lkDespicable and entirely avoidable.

A house divided. That’s what it is. Great men and women unite a country by standing (STANDING) for what is right and doing all that is in their power to change things.

Put your fists down and stop with the pouty protests. Start changing things for the better.

If you agree with this, take it viral. We need unity in the land.


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