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A Little Getaway for Benedetto’s B-day

IMG_2300Time is at a premium here, and a trip is not something we particularly pursue after traveling all the time, so what to do for Benedetto’s birthday was a bit of a quandary.  There may be a party here or there, a family luncheon in the offing, yet somehow we wanted to give a quiet nod to being alive, together, and moving toward a wonderful future.

So the two of us left the kids home (first time overnight by IMG_2291themselves) and got away for an afternoon, evening, and morning in a nearby, historic town.  Here was a luxury hotel, and a special restaurant, and a few hours to ourselves.

The room was nice with lovely draperies, fluffy pillows, architectural framed drawings, and a spacious bathroom.  IMG_2292Funny as it sounds, I think we would have been even happier in our own home, sleeping with our own cuddly dogs on this dark and stormy night. 

Monsoon rains fell, the clouds breaking just enough to permit us to stroll to dinner and back.  Perfect timing.

We had time to talk, and connect, and relax… even if it was on the run, lol. IMG_2296 Later this week comes the “real birthday”, and more chances to celebrate, and reflect, and be thankful.  It’s looking as though this birthday will stretch out for several weeks, and we can’t complain.

We Skyped with the children before dinner and they were happy, happy, happy to be big guys, at last.  What a nice way to begin Benedetto’s birthday:  low-key, and quietly easing our way forward.


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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Sounds like a nice getaway evening. Happy & Healthy Birthday to Benedetto.

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