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A Long Holiday Weekend

mem(1)Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing intro to summer this weekend!  Between the BBQs and beach this Memorial Day, say a prayer for families who have given their loved ones in our country’s service.

Well, it’s never a dull moment around here.  We had some lovely shashlik that Benedetto grilled outside (chicken, onion, cherry tomatoes), which gave me respite from eating everyone’s bread crusts….  Homemade potato salad, green chicken-kebobsbeans, seasoned rice, it almost seemed like a picnic sans the mosquitos.  Parades of every sort clogged up traffic, but we had beautiful and slightly cool weather for this time of year.

What will you be doing this Monday?  What do you normally do in your spare time?

I’m generally involved in something for, or with, the children.  Even if we’re watching a movie, I might be grading school Collegespapers, or planning our next study topic for the week.  Lately, I’ve been heavily involved in researching colleges—American, foreign, online, brick-and-mortar.

It’s been hours every day, studying a school from this angle and that.  I know, over the top.  That’s me.  I can’t imagine parents who’ve never been to university, trying to guide their children.  There’s so much that’s left unsaid by the Admissions and Recruitment Officers, and reading between the lines is vital.  Recently, I came across a highly-rated school that phdadvertised an annual celebration which was “clothing-optional”. 

Uh, no thanks.  Although I’m sure, in many ways, that would be educational….

The research has me going during every spare minute, e-mailing this Head of Department and that, when the answers from Admissions appear to be vague or standardized.  I mean, if I’m asking specific questions, c’mon.

87-year-old-college-student-RoseAnyway, all of these investigations are leading to great interest in… moi!  Yes, the colleges are interested in… me!  Don’t I need a Ph.D. or two behind my name?

It’s got me to thinking.  Most everything I do is for other people.  Is it time for me to go back to school?  And why?  I’m not sure that this would indicate any great career move, more like doing it for personal edification.  And definitely part-, part-time, since I’m rather time-challenged already.

If I started now, I might be… 105 when I finish… whatever it would be that I would be finishing.  But that’s okay.  My kids think I’m 105 now.  If I’m going to live till then, it might as well be with a smile of accomplishment on my face.

Have you ever thought about going back to school?  Or making any other life move that others might not understand?

And here’s a nice holiday weekend to ponder such things.  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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