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A Long Winter’s Nap… with My Scottie

scottiesOur two Scotties love to nap… whenever they’re not eating… or out walking… or chasing a toy… or sniffing in closets. All of which means about 95% of their time is taken up with snoring in heavenly bliss…

…with the occasional snort of delight and twitch of the leg during their dream-induced scottie4state.

Fact of the matter is, Misha loves to snuggle with me. Grisha, not so much. Grisha was a rescue and to this day, he can snuggle… slightly. He will allow our girls to hold him, cradled, with his back against their chest and legs facing out. Then, he begins to snore. Often, the girls doze off, too.

scottie2But Misha, he’s my teddy-bear Scottie. If the family is out and we can sneak over to the big couch, he sidles up next to my face and nuzzles his neck in my armpit with his head side-by-side with mine, and my arm in embrace, curling around his fluffy body. The doggy and I get to catch a quick catnap, particularly perfect as we approach the shortest day of the year.

Can you say, “Snug as a bug in a rug”-?

The sun casts its beams across the floor, yet we are in our cute, cocoon-like space, suspended in time until the family returns.

A long winter’s nap.


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