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A Lovely Lunch Out

We took our own advice and went out on a date.  Benedetto and I went to lunch together on Friday, a happy and rare occurrence, simply due to our crazy schedules.  We tried a restaurant where we had never been before, giving a sense of adventure.

In this economy, there was pretty much our choice of where to be seated—indoors, overlooking a beautiful water view, or out on a somewhat noisier patio.  We considered the patio, but we have enough excitement at home.

Quiet.  We craved quiet.  And adult conversation.  A time to relax for all of an hour.  Get away from the kids and having to tell them to keep their elbows off the table, and eat with their mouths closed.

The hostess seated us indoors at a nice corner table.  Then we heard the commotion.

Two tables away, two toddlers were banging their silverware on the table, and letting out intermittent shrieks.  No.  Please.  No.  I had a slight headache already.  Maybe they would leave soon.  So we were seated.

Our beverages had just arrived, we were almost ready to order, when another family with three toddlers was seated RIGHT NEXT TO US.

Bam. Bam. Bam. went the silverware, chairs, and anything else that could be banged.


We asked to be moved, and the waitress graciously moved us to a beautiful room… all to ourselves!  Perfect.  Several servers came by our table and said they didn’t blame us in the least as shriek after wail emanated from the two tables.  An elderly couple was placed at our former table.

“They might be hard of hearing…” Benedetto conjectured.

I’m all for children, and unruly children, and squirmy children… but take them to McDonald’s, or out for a picnic.  Be creative.  This was an upscale place.  Bring a nanny or a grandparent to help.  Tie them in a straightjacket.  Take them to a foodcourt in the mall….

Anyway, hopefully, they had a wonderful meal, as did we.  I would never make a stink about how others handle their kids, but when you’re paying big bucks, I really don’t like hollering in my ear.  The lunch was saved, and we truly enjoyed it, staying longer than we might normally.

Wouldn’t you know it—turns out that someone there recognized us, and paid for our bill.  They picked up the tab just to bless us.  What a nice gesture.  What a nice couple of hours together.




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  1. avatar Linda says:

    I had written a long rant about misbehaving children at restaurants, but maybe I’ll say nothing.
    I can’t stand parents who don’t make sure their children know how to behave in a restaurant.
    But I’m lucky, my son behaves very well in restaurants and all I have to say to him is to eat with his mouth closed and not to talk with food in his mouth…

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks for making the effort, Linda! Anyone can understand when a child just suddenly starts going downhill. Then it’s up to the parent to whisk them outside for awhile. But to just pretend it’s not happening…. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. 🙂

      • avatar Linda says:

        If you’re getting old and cranky, then so am I. =D

        On an other note, my boys are back home today!!! They’ve been in Ireland for the last 6days. And I’ve had the house for myself. It’s been nice, but can’t wait for them to come back home.
        This little fact had nothing to do with anything, but I’m just happy they are coming home.

        • avatar admin says:

          Yay, so glad they’re coming home! I am away for a couple of days with the kids, Benedetto is traveling with the dogs. I told him we might want to reconsider this arrangement, lol!

    • avatar Jennifer says:

      I am all for parents making sure their kids behave and not taking kids to inappropriate places for what they are capable of handling. But as a mom of a child with aspbergers there are a few thoughts that come to mind. First – a parent can’t always control their child. Second – a child will not know how to act in a certain situation if they are never allowed to be in that type of situation. Third – things are always easier when you only have one child.

      To the original poster – you handled it the right way by asking to be moved. Both you and the other families deserved to have the lunch experience they were hoping for. Glad you had a nice date.

      • avatar admin says:

        You’re right, Jennifer, it’s often the parents who set their kids up for failure by heading to places that are just not yet possible for that particular child. We have to allow them to master small steps and build from there.

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    yeah, last date night we had went to a local place. There was a large group at the next table. The two children at the table were the most well behaved ones of the bunch, or maybe we just couldn’t hear them over the drunks telling obnoxious stories. We ate and got the heck out. If we could have shot laser beams from our eyes those jerks would have been dead. I agree though, toddlers probably shouldn’t even be allowed in a nice place.

    • avatar admin says:

      You’re absolutely right, Winnie. Who said it was just kids? I’ve flown on commercial flights as the only businesswoman aboard with all drunk men. One time I’d had enough and stood up and told them all how they should be ashamed of themselves. (Oh yes, I did, lol.) The flight attendants thanked me. Loud and obnoxious belongs in a back party room….

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