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A Mid-Winter’s Conservatory

c9450521e5dac4619b53505350a64f83I was meant to live in the nineteenth century on an estate in the English countryside.  During the cold and frigid days of winter, I would resort to my glassed-in, Edwardian, botanical conservatory, where various specimen plants could be arranged for display.

The warmth of a hothouse.  The fragrance.  The quiet.  A delight to the senses.

I could accomplish volumes in such a setting.2a3fea638b7a7868f9fc69772d348555

Peaceful.  Pleasant.  Perhaps a chaise longue with a woolen throw and a steaming cup of tea nearby.  My dogs to lay in a close-329233f38de07bf768aa776550706e81at-hand sunbeam….

Lemon trees and orchids in the midst of winter.  It just seems right.  Lush, verdant foliage, when all outside falls bare and stark.

Snow begins to fall, adding yet another blanket of hush to the landscape without.  Small berries poke their branches through the winter white.  Are they inside the conservatory or out?

Do you have a dream winter getaway?




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