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A Model Adoptive Family

thIn those odd hours of lengthy computer work, I occasionally turn on the TV. Benedetto wants to pull the plug entirely, but I really do enjoy the occasional program, generally those that are educational.

I really can’t name any fictional series that I have tuned into in recent decades. Not to say that many of the “reality” shows aren’t pure fiction, while a few are not…. For me, the TV is more for some background video, similar to how some would use a radio for its audio.

Well, I have come to view upon occasion “The Little Couple”, Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold, with their adoptive children– their son from China and their daughter from India. Loved the background footage of their trips there, meeting the children for the first time, and so much more.

Jen, of course, had to return home from India early, as she started to have some severe symptoms in her body. Bill finishedfe808be9db806a87c4f93e4b1a0808ad up the adoption on his own, while Jen received the diagnosis of a rare type of cancer. The resulting chemo, weakness, and recovery were viewed by millions. She was in all of our prayers.

Through it all, she has maintained her grace, dignity, and sense of humor, planning special events for the children, and working with them as Will, 4, has speech therapy and Zoey, 2, settles in. Both children also have a form of dwarfism that the Arnolds can handle in jennifer-arnold-2-320stride. As if two adopted youngsters were not enough….

That’s two kids hailing from two different foreign countries, everyone in the family is a “little person”, and Jen’s extensive cancer treatments on top of it all.

And they’re still smiling, and thriving, and creating a family life that’s warm and loving.

Hats off to the Arnolds who give all of us adoptive families some hope! I can’t wait to see them going strong ten years from now.


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  1. avatar abby says:

    I love the Little Couple. Very motivational and together, kinda like you!

  2. avatar Cubby says:

    They are wonderful and have loving children. The best to them on this journey.

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