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A Myrtle Beach Vacay-!

1Just about the time I’m going through my own way-of-sorrows renovation stories (and believe me, I have enough work to be done in my places that could keep me busy another 20 years…), we have friends who have accomplished an amazing feat with a 1950s beach house in lovely Myrtle Beach, SC. This is one of the handful of legal, single-family homes available for weekly vacation rentals in the heart of the city, about a block from the beach in the most beautiful part of the Grand Strand.

How they acquired this amazing little gem is a story for another day, but the folks lovingly IMG_4538restored it to, in my opinion, the cutest place ever. Our family visited and we were blown away. In an area where beach houses may be rented in other towns, this one is close to everything, in the heart of it all. Yet, very private and peaceful. Not in a campground, cheek-by-jowl setting with neighbors an arm’s length away. Not cookie-cutter homes on stilts with older wicker beach furniture and two to three bunkbeds per room.

23As they say, it’s fresh, it’s fab, it’s fun! It’s also family- and dog-friendly. And our little Scotties, Misha and Grisha, got to go for a ride in their little red beach wagon and be photographed for the lovely cottage listing on HomeAway (#4623397). We all saw the whitewashed hardwood floors, the beautifully-soothing bedrooms that could easily accommodate more than our family of six, the cottage kitchen, a mere two-minute walk from the beach. Not to mention the bocce ball court outside….

It gives me hope. If they found workmen and did some projects themselves, it helps to encourageIMG_4539 me in all of my renovations. But for now, I could see our family taking a quick vacay at this private jewel of a getaway-! Just listed, I hear that they still have dates open for this summer as their hits on the listing go through the roof….

If you’re interested, tell them Alexandra sent you and who knows, they might treat you very special. 🙂


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