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A Rainy Day Out and About

IMG_0957Living most of our lives in planes, trains, and automobiles, if not rickshaws and water taxis, our kids know how to adapt.  They’re pretty good troopers, even on a rainy day following a couple of late-night events.

It was time to go on a mini-excursion to get them out and about, and afterwards, walking through the train station, Benedetto decided to buy them all hot chocolate and chocolate croissants (talk about double-whammy chocolate!).  If that didn’t wake them up on a dreary day….

Here we are, sitting at the café, me with my macchiato, the kids snoozing in their hot cocoa, an unknown businessman trying to muscle in on our table.  Note our triple ponytails, not that each of us had three, but each of the three of us girls had one, if that makes sense. (And,  I’m thankful not to have to add the boys to that ponytail tally….)

Anyhoo, as we were making our way from the café, and the kids were rubbernecking at the different kiosks (ties, hats and IMG_0959scarves, shawls, sunglasses, bookstores, a shoeshine stand, a shaving store, an Asian café with food moving along the bar-like counter on a conveyor belt—I would imagine you just reach out and take what you want?), our eyes lighted upon… an eyebrow threader!

You may remember my last post about such an operation, where an aesthetician (?) from Nepal with at least 10 minutes or so of training used something like thread (or dental floss?) to roll quickly across stray eyebrow hairs, catching them in the thread and plucking them out by means of the rolling thread. http://www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com/my-daughter%E2%80%99s-eyebrows/.

IMG_0960The building where we visited our original threader for Mashenka’s thick brows was under renovation and the smaller kiosk-shops had disappeared.  Here we were in a bustling train station and Sashenka pointed out the kiosk.

“Would you like to get your eyebrows done?” I asked her.  She had missed out earlier in life when her sister first had her eyebrows plucked, since Sashenka had no eyebrow problems to speak of at the time, but lately, they had become darker and required some shaping.

“Mmmm…” she was not making any split decisions.

I asked Mashenka and she jumped at the opportunity, as the young Nepali woman went to work sculpting her eyebrows… and then onto the upper lip area, removing the dark hairs.

A second Nepali came along and had Sashenka in her chair in no time, but the girl’s grimaces and squirms did not helpIMG_0962 the process.

“You’ll feel a slight sting,” I explained, “but if you hold the skin tight above your eyebrow as she’s showing you, it will not hurt much….”

Sashenka’s hand went limp, strength drained from her body as she suffered through the beauty ritual… which SHE had pointed out to us.

“You’re doing great,” I encouraged.  “That’s right.  Look how glamorous you’ll be!  It’s only a couple of minutes….”

Finally the other operator came over to help hold Sashenka’s eyebrow taut.  This seemed to speed the process considerably, as well as their father swinging by and encouraging them.  Personally, I think some numbing cream would have helped, but times are tough and they probably had to cut back on overhead expenses somewhere.  They couldn’t very well do without the string….

The treatment lasted about five minutes, yet seemed like 500.  The girls came out much improved.  Their mother was a basket case.  Their brothers returned and handed back the girls’ half-full hot chocolates which they continued to nurse and which helped their pink skin feel better.  Not being a drinking person, I couldn’t think of anything which might help me recover from the stressful situation.

Heading back outside into the chilly, rainy day, we all felt semi-refreshed, some from the window-shopping, some from the sweets, some from the spur-of-the-moment makeover.

What do you do on a rainy day?



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