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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

A Seaside Cottage

IMG_5237This is my favorite time of year, the autumn, when the fall colors explode in a riot of rapture and the air grows crisp. It’s invigorating and speaks of holidays and warm family times to come.

The six of us are spending a few days away after a busy summer and a busier-still fall. Time to regroup and have a change of pace.IMG_5127 So we rented a seaside cottage and could not be more pleased. This one is a winner with lots of amenities alongside a nearly-empty shoreline where kids and dogs can run and play. We hear the crash of waves outside and glimpse beautiful sunrises over the ocean.

While we normally bring food, and dog towels, and schoolbooks (for the travel time), this quaint home offers loads of pillows, and towels, and condiments, and laundry powder. The heat was turned on ahead of our IMG_5161arrival, making a toasty welcome all the more special.

In my several decades of life, it has never been my pleasure to encounter toilet paper folded into a rose. We love the tidal pools before us at sunrise and the marshes behind us. The sunset with a full-moonrise is spectacular, as well.IMG_5403

The dogs enjoy being next to a seawall where they stroll and keep a bushy eye on the tides. Our teens watch the tide clock indoors and pull out their Wellington boots. I instruct them about the dangers of exploring wet rocks in the sea and wonder what they will do if they encounter a seal among the rocks. Forget the kids— what will the dogs do? The Scotties’ favorite refrain IMG_5153seems to be, “You wanna piece of me?!”

Everyone loves the big kitchen where we gather for breakfast and family devotions. The two boys IMG_5158grab one bedroom and the two girls gather another. Our master bedroom looks out at the vastness of the sea beyond and speaks of possibilities and God’s protection and good times to come.


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