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A Simply Sweet Snow Day

IMG_1361We had heard that snow was coming, yet less than an inch would hardly prove to be noteworthy. Then it began around 5:00 a.m. and did not let up. Cancelling a doctor’s appointment, I felt it best to stick close to home.

Benedetto drove Petya the few blocks to work, slipping and sliding all the way. The two agreed that he would walk home after he hopefully completed his work by lunchtime or so.

This was what it was like to be the 18-year-old key to the whole IMG_1386office. While the rest of the staff stayed home and telecommuted, they depended on Petya to check the mail, receive packages, answer the phone and e-mail messages here and there. Just having finished his IMG_1363final research paper for this college semester, he probably wished to play in the snow instead of play the businessman.

But duty called.

He had already shoveled most of our sidewalk, his brother had cleaned off the car, later on their sisters ventured out to shovel the walks of older neighbors. It was going to be one of those hot chai and stew days when everyone gathered at lunchtime.  A hushed IMG_1401beauty fell over the city like a blanket.

We let them all go out for sledding in the afternoon, after all, there had to be some benefits to homeschooling, right? Down they went, screaming all the way, on the best hill in the city. It was dry powder and blew up in their faces as they shot through time and space. What was IMG_1353there to do but pull one’s scarf over one’s head as one of my children did.

Really? Unfortunately, yes. Apparently, visibility was not an issue.

Meanwhile, pooches Misha and Grisha stayed at home taking romps out into the white stuff while I worked. A beautiful day.


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    You guys have all the fun!

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