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A Son is Born-!

For all of our inquiring readers, who are just as amazed as I am, the friend of a friend that we mentioned in “Miracles Happen” gave birth Friday night to a healthy six-pound-something baby boy.

The mother, 47 years old, and told for the past ten years that she and her husband would never conceive, had no complications whatsoever.  She went into regular labor, no inducing, no nothing.  Absolutely amazing.

They had domestically adopted two infants at separate times, the big girl now approachings school age, the little boy just entering toddlerhood.  Looks like the grandmother, and the  Swedish nanny, will both be on speed-dial for some time to come.

Congratulations to their family!  What an encouragement to gear up for big things this week.  You just never know what God may have in store…..



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    What a lovely family they have created.

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