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A Special Little Day

The older I get, the more low-key birthdays become. I am remembered by friends and family and loved. That’s enough. Well, when mixed with a few jewels, that is.

The kids were on their best behavior for all of the day, and of course, we were busy traveling together, so I looked forward to simply relaxing at home when we got in at night. We had a simple supper, opened a few gifts, and called it a day.

Somehow my day gets stretched into several days, no problem with that. Benedetto took me out to a small celebratory dinner a couple of days ago, and now, after the fact, it will be lunch. Just the two of us. Nice. Relaxing. No children nor dogs whining, cute as they all are.

Even their birthday card would choke you up. So sweet. Benedetto says there was absolutely no coaching on his part, that all of the sentiments, misspelled though they may be, were straight from the heart.

“Dear Mama, Your the speshal Mother on Erth, I love you so much, have a blessed birthday….”

“Dear Mama, I love you and I wish you a happy birthday. You are a lovelyest Mather that I’ve ever had….”

“Dear Mama, Have a great birthday. You mean so much to me. Your birthday will be a blessed one!”

“Dear Mama, Have a great Birthday. I love you so much. God bless you….”

(Sigh.) I can’t complain.

I am healthy, I am happy, I am old(er).

Friends brought cake and I didn’t have my camera. Here are the remnants of it.

I hear Osama went bye-bye for good. A great day all ‘round.


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  1. avatar Phyllis says:

    What a lovely birthday. It had been quite a few years since I had homemade b’day cards from my kids. I love getting the boys cards now! Do you get guns, cannons, or bugs on yours?! Happy Birthday!

    • avatar admin says:

      My husband picked out the card, so we were safe there-! Unfortunately, he picked out his own card for me, too, which has been a standing joke– a monkey card. (I intensely dislike any card with grinning monkeys on it.) So every few years he reverts to irritate me. I think I’ll need to write a piece on regression– parental regression!

  2. avatar SLB says:

    Your children shall rise up and call you blessed! Having four of them being on the their best behavior for an entire day must have been the icing on the cake! Obviously, God still does miracles. There is nothing like reading the loving sentiments of one’s children. Absolutely priceless! Hope the bling, meals and some down time with your lovie overshadowed the monkey card. Looking forward to the regression piece. Lol
    Even birthdays on-the-go?! You all are something else. 🙂

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