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A Spring Snowstorm

IMG_0276Up in the middle of the night, it was Monday morning and time to saddle up and head on out.  My son was due at another tennis event.  Through rain, snow, sleet and hail, he and Mama had to prevail.

The forecast was for snow.  It had started snowing in DC the night before, however, it was sporadic and not accumulating.  More like a misting snow.  At 3:30 a.m., just before I hopped in the shower,  I told my husband that the reports called for a major snow event.

“We need to leave for our major tennis event,” I commented as he brought me coffee.  “A major snow event is out of the question.”

“No,” he shook his head.  “I let the dogs outside.  Nothing’s happening.  You’ll be fine.”

By 4:00 a.m., he had changed his tune.

“It’s really snowing.  You’d better hurry,” he urged.  “Either leave now, or stay.”

Knowing that we couldn’t stay, I sped up my glamification process.  Petya gulped down some breakfast, I forgot to IMG_0254wear the extra sweater I had planned, throwing on my coat and gloves, and the guys grabbed our couple of bags.  Over an inch of snow covered the car already.

We headed out of the city, with the snow trucks beginning to move, but not really treat the streets just yet.  Wonderful.  At the highest point of the city, the thoroughfares were covered, but traffic was light and we were happy for that.  Up and down hills and bridges, we seemed to have good traction.  But, I knew that some hilly areas of Virginia would have much lower temperatures… and possibly more snow.

Petya pulled out his neck pillow and I told him to get some rest.  Once on the highway, driving became quite difficult.  The roads were now heavy slush with so few cars on them.  The occasional truck sped past, kicking up heavy sludge which bodyslammed our car, darkening the entire windshield.  The few cars out and about drove at maybe 40 mph with their flashers on.  It was not good.

Some went slower and slower.  If I tried to pass, we headed into deep, slippery slush, creating almost raised islands to traverse from lane to lane.  And where were the lanes???  I could not see any lane markers.

snow2The snow fell faster.  Nobody in their right mind should be out on roads like this.  Nobody in their wrong mind, either.  Obviously, we fell into the latter category.  I prayed a lot.

After about two-and-a-half hours of this dangerous dance with death, we emerged.  The snow turned to rain as the temps rose to 36 or so.  A couple more hours and the sun peeked out.

We called home and Benedetto sent photos on the phone of Misha and Grisha frolicking in the snow.  Happy campers.  Smart dogs.  Stay close to home and have some soup in front of the fire.  For them, the snow was short-lived and not so deep.

Petya set up the i-Pad Mini on the dashboard, so I could lecture my “homeschooled” students near and far while we fought through occasional rain and now hurricane-like winds buffeting the car.

I think I’m ready for a spring break.  How about you?



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    It was scary just reading it. I can’t even imagine driving in the snow as you did. How about your spring break in Palm Desert? The weather is in the 80’s ! Hawaii isn’t bad either. You all deserve it.

    • avatar admin says:

      Now you’re talking, Sybil! We were actually heading to warm weather, which decided not to be so warm this week, lol. That would be nice to have a little bit of an actual break, not where one of us fits in some work along the way, or where we need to locate the nearest tennis courts…. These should be our biggest problems, right? 🙂 But it was scary in the sudden snowstorm that didn’t seem to affect anyone else that lives in the environs-?! Maybe they don’t get up early enough…

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