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A Staycation, or a Change of Scenery?

This summer, you need to get out of town.  If you’re in the city, head for the country.  If you’re at the shore, stay at the shore… whaddaya, nuts?!   Oh, sorry, if you’re at the beach, then head for the hills.  A change of scenery will do you wonders.  So will a croissant at a sidewalk café in the south of France, or a bauble from duty-free in Dubai, but that’s besides the point.

With cost being a major consideration these days, staycations have caught our attention.  Take a day off to enjoy a picnic and the pool is tempting, but if you’re anything like me, it can quickly degenerate into cleaning out closets, or changing lightbulbs, attempting to accomplish the everyday chores that pile up at home.

Avoid that urge to staycate and get bogged-down.  Unless you live in a resort area with a deserted, luxury pool and no piled-up chores.  I know that you people are out there, and I will not hold it against you….

Go somewhere, even if it’s just for a day trip.  Experience new sights and smells, see how they live in another locale.  Have a lemonade at a little bistro and call it a day.

Hear the waves lapping, watch wild birds soaring.  Try not to get lost on the subway, or in the city (hint:  42nd Street comes before 45th Street).  Smell frying foods on the boardwalk, or enjoy panini in the park.  Marvel at museums, or catch some live music on the village green.  Buy a few silly souvenirs and snap photos in front of gorgeous backdrops.  This is your day to explore and expand your horizons.

Not venturing too far from home means no jetlag, no blowout budget, no tantrumming toddlers or teens (alright, well, we can’t promise everything).  You’ll arrive back refreshed, renewed, and with enough money left in the budget to buy ice cream for all.

Alexandra’s advice:  don’t staycate, don’t vacate, try one or two daytrips this summer.  You’ll be glad you did.

(So says the woman who thinks it might be marvelous if I could stay in one place for one day… sans responsibilities, of course.  Right.)







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  1. avatar Phyllis says:

    Would love to do this, but one of our sons has already eaten into my husband’s vacation days and it is only going to get worse as the days progress. Who knows if he will have any vacation left after a couple months! Ahh, maybe the key will be to send to boys off with relatives for a “vacation” while my husband and I “suffer” at home alone!!

    • avatar admin says:

      Oooh, if you have relatives, Phyllis, you have an ace in the hole. All of ours have disavowed us…! (Not really, but we all seem to get together for a half-day at a time-? Must be a message in there somewhere….)

  2. avatar Ann says:

    This is exactly what we are doing this weekend. Driving to Fort Worth, TX on Friday for a fabulous dinner in the stock yards and then spending the night in Dallas for a Russian Adoption Event with our agency on Saturday. We will return home after the event for a special event at church on Sunday that we do not want to miss.

    This should give us the little break that we need as we anxiously await our court date.


  3. avatar Gwendolyn says:

    {smile} I managed to ‘delay’ our staycation by FOUR days, by insisting that

    On the whole, it was a worthwhile sacrifice, but then we had 6 days scheduled, and we DID take time off on the days we weren’t staycationing!

    And we DID get to talk whilst cleaning, with only lonely Poodles to complain about being BORED.

    The kids are nearing the completion of their transition from totally programmed time to mostly unstructured time! Only 4 days, and we’re all still alive.

    • avatar admin says:

      I know, these dogs are so talkative– they let us know their every need. Cleaning is not bad, either, if it helps you mentally to have everything in order. I pray for that day-!

  4. Haha….Just got back from 48 hours in Montreal about 90 minutes ago and logged on to the computer and read this (I have to check my checking account balance now and see the damage…yikes). Up until 4pm Sunday I was toying with cancelling the reservation because I have lots of other places to spend that money, but in the end my daughter (7) and I went by ourselves. And I have to say I am glad. I didn’t really get it til I was trying to explain to Jupiter that my love of the French language may roughly equate to her love of horses, so it was important for me to go live in Franglish for a couple of days. I had forgotten how important it was. And the money was worth it when we picked up some water for the car ride home at the little market in the metro station, and the clerk said “Bonjour” to Jupiter, and she actually said “Bonjour” back.

  5. avatar Lisa says:

    I am at our annual visit to my father’s lake cabin in Minnesota, beautiful clear waterr and sandy beach, super warm water. Always refreshed after 10 days here! My little Russian doesn’t stop moving for 12 hours and then collapses at night for another 12…it’s awesome!

    • avatar admin says:

      Our bodies and minds just need to relax, sometimes, don’t they, Lisa? I can only imagine the memories that you’re creating for your “little Russian”-! Enjoy.

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