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A Stop at Campaign Headquarters

Campaign-The-posterA funny thing happened on our way to our power walk. Petya and I got started a little later, and by nine o’clock in the morning, we found ourselves near the campaign headquarters of a certain candidate.

“Let’s go inside,” I suggested. “Pick up some bumper stickers or something.”

“Bumper stickers?” he laughed. “You would never put a bumper sticker on the car!”

“So?” I shrugged.

And thus began our civics lesson for the day. Chatting with the campaign staffers, we heard about term limits, the campaign_2016-2importance of electing those who hopefully could fix things, and what were some of the unique challenges in our part of the country. It was very enlightening and envigorating.

Before we knew it, they offered us coffee and danish. Not a good idea on our way to exercise. They told us that they’d have free hotdogs from 11:00 am on. Another no-can-do.

But the two of us spied an official-looking desk with bunting where my son made himself at home. He posed here and there. They said that somebody had walked off with their lifesize-photo of the Candidate.

What a shame, lol.

BStickerWe got our bumper stickers, mostly to give to friends who would be interested. We shmoozed, we talked issues, and we were brought up to date on some of the hotter issues. I would recommend such a field trip, particularly if you have kids. The future of our country may be in the balance.

And it could be decided in places offering bumper stickers and hotdogs, coffee, danish and a meaningful exchange of ideas.

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