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A Teen Archaeological Excavation

This is just too cool.  One of our local archaeology places scheduled a teen day camp for digging.  At the end, families were invited to tour the site, led by their teen and the other archaeologist-directors, examining artifacts and what we could learn from what was uncovered.


It allowed our other children to see what Petya had been up to.  Generally, he and I dig at very lofty locations which are gracious enough to accept and train us, so we don’t have others “dropping by”, you could say.  I loved the idea that our other three saw kids with clipboards, measuring trenches and squares, making drawings and observations in field notebooks.

Not exactly a newbie, his leaders said that he knew tons more than the other kids, as a matter of fact, I think he may have identified more with the university interns, than with the other teens.  Everyone took time with the teen campers, discussing with them, analyzing soil samples with Munsell charts, showing how to notice as stratigraphy changed.

Once again, the temperatures were in the triple digits, with the occasional downpour on the last couple of days.  One session, they spent in the lab.  But we came, armed with umbrellas just in case, on their last hour party and tour day.

A site dating from the Civil War, this fort became inhabited by African American families in the later nineteenth century.  These were “fresh digs”, not really picked over from years and years of ongoing excavations, yielding full bottles (instead of the ubiquitous bases, necks, and body pieces), a door lock and key, a porcelain doorknob, and more.

Petya introduced his siblings to the site.  He showed artifacts to his father, who had once been a professional archaeologist in the Middle East.  (Never mind that Benedetto had to travel seven hours with the rest of the tribe to get here on the day that was… his birthday… it was worth it.)  We shmoozed with the other professionals, Petya passed out his thank you notes and posed for photos, celebrating his muddiness with cake.

Exhausted, but exhilarated, our kids went home to enjoy a night off watching their favorite DVDs and eating lasagna, while Benedetto and I freshened up and headed out for seafood.  A wonderful time was had by all when we returned home for birthday cake.

Half of the cake was accidentally left behind by Benedetto as we headed to the dacha early the next day.  No matter, I made him another-!  It was just one of those happy weeks.



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Sounds like a week to savor for sure.

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