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A Teen Business Trip

Work_in_progressReal life around our place is much more fascinating than fiction, any day. I shake my head along with the rest of you when I hear of developments, dilemmas, and doggy antics going on under our roof. The latest revolves around Petya, naturally, our eldest who tests the waters and blazes paths for the children following him.

Believe it or not, the week before he turned 18, the office where he works while attending college floated a test balloon. They had a major conference coming up in California—would he be interested in flying there as part of the support team?

The fact that my brother and his family reside in said city, and that Petya conferencehas never been to that particular city, but he does know my brother from other meetings, further fueled his enthusiastic “Yes!”.  His bosses told him to check with his parents (I love them), who had a similar gut reaction.

Until I started thinking about it.

“Who’s going to be your roommate?” I asked, Googling the swank, historic hotel where they would be headquartered.

eventsphoto“Noah,” he called the name of a coworker in his mid-twenties.

“And he’s a good guy?” I pressed, all manner of potential vices floating through my consciousness.

“Yes, he’s very nice,” he nodded.

“What if he’s gay?” the Interrogator continued, never too careful with her first-born.

“Mama! He’s a normal guy!”

“Do you think he drinks beer? Even if it’s in a hotel room, you’re too young to drink, and besides, our family doesn’t drink, 2631759-Bilkent-Hotel-and-Conference-Center-Ankara-Business-Center-1-DEFanyway….”

“Mama, I’ll be fine,” he assured me.

And knowing him, I had no reason to doubt it, which is why we were even considering the idea in the first place. Nevertheless, a mother had to do what a mother had to do.

By day’s end, I had compiled a complete list of every hotel employee’s name (with Russian names prominently starred), eateries in the environs, and which airlines flew through which cities to arrive to the West Coast. You think I’m kidding? I also made lists of nutritious snack foods we could tuck in his suitcase, just in case he couldn’t escape the conference to grab a bite to eat… at the overpriced eateries I had already culled. We agreed that he might Skype us morning, noon, and night even if it was long after midnight in our part of the world.

Of course, the trip was not scheduled for another month or two, but I was already on high alert.

Have you ever heard of a nearly-18-year-old being invited on a cross-country business trip?


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Wonderful opportunity that many of us never had at his age. Good for you for allowing him to spread his wings! Could youmanage my career?

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