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A Very Windy Fourth of July

fourth-of-julyOkay, the holiday falls a little later in the week, but already, it’s looking fairly windy all around the country.  Heavy rains, or conversely wildfires, along with heavy winds everywhere seem to be the trend.  That’s a problem for the Fourth of July when a number of activities take place outdoors.

Over the weekend, we laughed when we saw scores of vacationers lined up to play mini-golf.  I mean, really?  With high winds?  What’s the little white ball going to do?

So here’s a list of ten top activities not good to do on a windy day, particularly around July 4th:th

1.  Don’t wear your hair down, or loose.  Unless you want to end up looking like Bill the Cat.

2.  Don’t play mini-golf, or real golf, for that matter.  See above.  I glimpsed golfers playing from beyond what anyone would consider the rough.

3.  Don’t go to the beach, particularly if you don’t enjoy blowing sand in the teeth and in the eyes.

4.  Don’t roll a hotel-style, brass, courtesy luggage cart from a parking garage across the street from your seaside accommodations.  In these winds, many tourists had 50% of their belongings strewn across the street, stopping traffic—hanging garment bags, shopping bags full of purchases, holiday hats blown off the head….  Which brings us to…

11953750-lg5.  Don’t wear a hat—backwards, forwards, or sideways.  Unless it’s a ski cap (kind of tough for the Northern Hemisphere this time of year), fugeddahbout it.

6.  Don’t barbeque, if there’s any type of fire involved in high winds.  Solar barbequing is fine.  Just lay that chicken wing or hot dog on a rock in the sun, particularly if you live in or are visiting Death Valley.  Other than that, think “forest fire”.

7.  Don’t ride a bike, even if you imagine yourself to be apicnic-utensil-basket circus performer.  You will most likely fall over with gusts exceeding 50 mph, and everyone knows that hospitals are overcrowded on holidays.

8.  Don’t plan a picnic with the red-and-white checked tablecloth flapping off the picnic table and paper plates blowing around the park.  Even if all guests place a nice, big gob of potato salad on their plate, you have little chance of keeping half of it on the table.

blog_independenceday9.  Don’t put up fliers for a yard sale.  Either they will rip in the wind, or the sale will be rained out.  Save your energies for a date when the forces of nature are with you.

10.  Don’t light or set off firecrackers.  You’re not a professional with an Italian last name.  Leave this to the pros, particularly under windy conditions. 

So there you have it.  A lovely holiday week can still be had cleaning the house, reading a book, watching a movie, or throwing an indoor celebration.  Have fun, kids, and remember the reason for the season!  It’s a great day for watching American flags blow in the breeze….



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