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A Whole Bunch of Housewares

IMG_3116 Tchochkes. Knickknacks. Small trivial articles intended for decoration. I guess we have enough of these to stock ten houses.

They amuse me. Yet, over the years, our homes have become a bit too eclectic, lacking definition. So I’ve put a hold on buying anything for quite some time. The old “less is more”.  Or probably, “any more would be a mistake”.

But I miss it. My schedule the other day took me past a fun store where I stopped for all of five minutes, just for fun, to catch a glimpse of housewares.

Nothing particularly fit our style, whatever that might be, but when I see it, I know it.  A lot caught my eye, nonetheless.

Alphabet letters, all sorts of letters—metal and wooden, paintedIMG_3112 and distressed. Since I wasn’t in the market to buy anything, I didn’t have to wrangle with the idea of whether or not I needed initials, and in this family, we had enough diverse initials to cover everything from A to Z. Or maybe I could spell something, but I’m not the kind who needs any encouragement like “Eat” in my kitchen, lol….

IMG_3114A kitschy rabbit held a sign just longing for me to write a daily motto on it. Yet I restrained myself.IMG_3111

I liked a sign which read: “Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle”. My kind of sign. But alas, no room in the inn.


Roosters? BTDT.

Seashells and beach sand in a star-fish capped glass bottle? Possibly.

IMG_3117And then my eyes lighted upon an ebony and ivory, black checkerboard magnifying glass. Perfect for examining archaeological minutiae—from inscriptions on tiny scarabs or coins, to hidden seam marks on historic glass bottles, to historic pins and beads. I could picture it on my desk.

Be still, my heart.

Who knows? With it, I might become a stamp collector. Or a diamond cutter. Or a fryer of ants on a summertime sidewalk.

No, scratch that last one. However, the possibilities seemed limitless.

A tiny purchase, for someone not in the market, but thus were the dangers of looking at decorative housewares….


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