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A Woman’s Work

business woman“A woman’s work is never done,” goes the saying. Whoever penned such a line knew what she was talking about-!

The other day as I’m about to run out to take our major exam, I whip up lunch for the troops and feed and let out the dogs to run in the yard, while cramming last minute on the computer. I need to take care of everybody and his uncle, but it’s nothing new.

The family watches a movie together while I hem pants, sew on a button or continue to type. Could I send out the clothes for someone else to hem or repair? Yes, but by the time I take the items from Point A to Point B and then remember to pick them up at a later date, it’s just one more thing to schedule. I might as well do it myself. And so I do.

Multi-tasking is nothing new for women. We’re expected to be multidimensional jugglers. And mom_daughterfrequently, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Most of us enjoy being well-rounded.

Not that guys are one-dimensional, but often they are. I was chatting with a dad recently whose wife is undergoing health challenges. The majority of everything falls upon him, along with his already-busy career. One daughter had a friend sleep over at the house, causing the rest of the kids to be late to another event the next day, since nobody wanted to get up.

womanchildSo I review with him how to have the kids lay out their clothes the night before, how to wake them up several times or check on them in repeated sweeps to make sure they’re on-time.

“Then you keep granola bars and juice packs on hand in case you need to throw them in the car and have no time for breakfast,” I add, keeping in mind he has a nice car and may not want eggs or yogurt along for the ride.

“Breakfast?!” he laughs. “We had no time for that-!”

Now see, I don’t know of any women who would have a sleepover with nothing to eat the next day. But that’s just me.

I smiled at Ivanka Trump’s Instagram pic of her trimming daughter Arabella’s hair. There’s the thmogul with the four-year-old outside the door of their Hamptons home, giving her locks a quick shape-up. That’s after she and kids baked goodies in the kitchen.

It reminds me to trim the dogs this week inbetween their regular groomings. After I make some brownies.

We are Wonder Women and proud of it.

Please hold your applause, lol.


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