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Acne Update – IV

Three months into isotretinoin for our son with acne, and swinging into the fourth month.  If you believe anything written on the acne forums (and yes, they exist), the fourth month is when the medicine truly starts to work its magic.

We have seen improvement.  The facial outbreaks appear to be diminished by about 50% in my husband’s estimation, and 75% in my estimation.  Hard to say, exactly.  There is an ebb and flow of flare-ups on our son’s face and shoulders.  Competitive sports and lots of sweating might be compounding matters.

It could be that he’s forgetting to use his moisturizer as religiously as when we started, but his skin looks more dry, once again.  Whereas the skin used to come off in sheets, until we adjusted the medication, now there’s simply a powdery dryness.  The lips crack and flake a bit more than last month, but again, maybe he’s becoming lax after all of this time.

He notices improvement and that’s exciting to watch.

There is the tiredness that has returned.  Taking into account all of the scientific variables, he is training about 3x more than normal in his target sport.  Rather than being in practice clinics an hour or two with a good bit of standing around, he’s moved into an intensive academy where the teens are in fairly non-stop motion for three hours straight.

That could make one tired.  Rather than his previous eight hours of sleep per night, he requires about nine or ten these days.

And there’s still the sun sensitivity which means applying sunscreen about every half an hour, which is hard to explain to coaches, and harder still to enforce.  Thankfully, it’s not summer any more, but the rays are still strong enough in our part of the world to see on his arms, face, and neck.

All in all, I’d say the medication is worth it.  He’s getting better as we head into the fourth month.  Two more to go.



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