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Acne Update – V

Major developments as our son moves into the fifth month on isotretinoin:  the acne on his face is, for all intents and purposes, GONE.  This is for a teen whose face and back did not respond to any of the over-the-counter acne remedies.

Like many others, we noticed a vast improvement during Month Four.  There was a slight blip on the radar screen preceding a major tennis tournament, but that was it.

The side effects continue.  He still appears to be quite tired, which is unlike him, and granted, he has a very active and grueling schedule.  No matter how much medicated, prescription lip balm he uses, the dry, peeling area around the lips is a concern.  The doctor told him to use Sensodyne toothpaste with no whitening agents and no tartar control.  Sure enough, it immediately helped to diminish the peeling.  He also is keeping up with the moisturizer on the dry face.

His face is 95% cured, however, his shoulders and back are not.  They still experience breakouts (about 75% cured) and the dermatologist explained that this would be the final frontier.

Next month at the doctor, we will learn if our son is to stay on the medication for another month, making six months total, or whether we will stop after five.  You will remember that the med was slightly reduced after the first month due to his personality slightly changing, so he is not entirely at the upper limit for his weight.  That might make it worthwhile to continue for slightly longer.

Either way, besides the extreme cost involved (thousands of dollars) and blood tests (one to two vials each time at a separate lab in the same medical building) and a visit to the doctor each month, the stuff is doing its job.



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    I am totally following this storyline. Although the psychiatric side effects scare me, my teen is so lazy with the topical stuff (Veltin= clindamycin + tretinoin) that it isn’t working well. He just forgets to apply it. He also doesn’t really care about his acne. I don’t get teenagers- I call his indifference Teenage Encephalopathy.

    • avatar admin says:

      I hear you, hoonew. When the kids start to care, they do. It’s different for each one. I talked for a couple of years about medication, but our happy-go-lucky guy was fine with who he was. He was concerned about any internal damage, after all, why do they need to take blood every month? But now that it’s clearing up, he’s even more happy and keeps saying, “Look at my handsome face!” lol.

      Our derm said concerning any psychiatric side effects to be vigilant in monitoring any moods. Never leave the child and say, go away for the weekend, even if he’s a responsible teen. We noticed in the beginning that he was not his usual “up” self which is near a 10, and was more like a 6. Plus the tiredness. So the doctor simply cut him back.

      Some of our other ones must have a huuuge pimple to even think that they need to pay it any attention. Sigh. We’re in the public eye a lot and on the one hand I’m glad they’re not overly concerned, but on the other hand. Sometimes I’ll just tell them to cleanse it well with a little salicylic acid pad and then I’ll pull them into my bathroom for a coverup with makeup….

      The things we do!

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