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Adopted, Not Aborted

right to life 4About half a million people marched in Washington on Thursday and basically, it went unreported, as though it never even happened.  The event?  The 40th Annual March for Life, the pro-life, anti-abortion rally uniting many different sub-groups from rather diverse backgrounds.

And it seems to be gathering numbers every year.

I’ve never attended, but the idea fascinates me.  I think that abortions are no good for women, often irreparably damaging their body, and definitely not good for the unborn children.  Through my own kids, I have a sort of right-to-lifeup-close-and-personal thankfulness that they were not aborted, since Russian women have an average of 10 abortions over the course of their life.

Why were my kids not aborted in a land where abortion is basically free and the accepted form of birth control?  Did the Russian women not even know they were pregnant?    Were they so inebriated that they could not take action?  Did they truly want the children in some weird, warped way, although they would not take care of them in the most fundamental fashion in terms of feeding, clothing, or educating them?  Was it God with a bigger plan?

??????????????Every year in Russia there are about 1 million abortions.  Every year in America, there are just over 1 million abortions, but then our population is bigger than theirs.  Pretty similar.  Pretty primitive, if you get right down to it.

I’m all for a woman’s ability to choose whether or not to become pregnant.  But after the fact, the deed is done, and a new life begun.

For whatever reason, my four were not aborted.  Maybe that’s cause enough to march in the streets and celebrate.



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