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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Adopting in Heels – Part II

Fun and games continue! Send us your photos of shoes in which you will adopt, may adopt, or have adopted. The flashier the better, lol, but hey, form is not always over function. (Many of us will admit to wearing frumpy, flat snowboots in an effort to stay alive on the ice in foreign frontiers….)

Deadline is this Sunday at midnight and details may be found at: http://www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com/adopting-in-heels/.

Men and women invited—shoot, you can send us your child’s baby shoes in which they were adopted-! We’re very flexible… and very fashionable. We’re “Adopting in Heels”-!

(These lemon-lime wonders I purchased in Italy on the way to Russia, and then Russia said, “Don’t come–we’re not ready for you, yet!” Not nice. The others are Sashenka’s shoes. Really. They’re not mine…. Really.)


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  1. avatar Ivanka says:

    Perhaps we could do a shoe swap. Kinda like the “sisterhood of the travelling pants” thing. Somehow we could incorporate a fundraiser to be given to an adoptive family. I think that you are on to a BIG idea here!!! I love the shoes, but Sashenka’s have a ROYAL flair to them.

    • avatar admin says:

      It could backfire. The foreign judges may reject us as cult members if we all show up in the same shoes…. Yes, don’t anyone mention anything to Sashenka–she gave me her shoes to photograph (she knows Mama does weird things)–but I wouldn’t want her to think we may be doing anything related to adopting again. Aiiiyyyhhhh!!!

  2. avatar matryoshka wendy says:

    I cant decide if I want to find a picture of actual cool shoes on the internet, or take a picture of my fake Birkenstocks. I miss my real Birkenstocks. And I threw away (finally) the shoes I had to buy IN Russia because at home it was a rainy 55 degrees, and when we got to Siberia in May it was 88 degrees and sunny. But they were not cool shoes either. The display was in my size so they were easy to buy.

    • avatar admin says:

      Wendy, we’ll take ’em all, lol-! Don’t limit yourself…. We might need two categories: how we dream of adopting, and how it actually plays out (shoes are a small but vital part of the bubble bursting). For many of us, this was all years ago, so if we continued wearing the same shoes/boots, either they’re long gone, or really ratty at this point. I’ll try to post my worn-out ones from when we adopted the girls a couple of years ago, I still have them (and wear them), how pathetic is that? Comfort.

      I will post Benedetto’s shoes he bought in a Russian rinok (open air market) on our first Trip #1… but only because he could never wear them again after the broken ankle, so they’re still around. I can only imagine if our 14 y.o. son spots them and wants to wear them….

  3. avatar Ivanka says:

    I was thinking, once a month we could forward shoes to a listing of participating people. Each month you get new shoes to wear where-ever they may take you: here, abroad, or out-on-the town, or just around the house (that could be trouble) then at the beginning of the next month you forward them on to the next person on the list . You can enter as many shoes as you like thus determining the number of shoes you will receive each month. Then we could all have new shoes every month and clear out some shoes we never wear any more. We would have to all vote and decide which entries could participate. No offense Wendy, but not the birks…LOL Well, maybe some people would enjoy a month of no heels. I have a pair of Dansko that should really go to the dump, but I still wear them around the “farm”. It is a travelling shoe co-op. I am fixating on this fundraising idea instead of going to bed. This is what happens when one has too much to do and are overwhelmed…

  4. avatar admin says:

    DEAR READERS… The powers that be have informed me that my e-mail will be “under maintenance” on the evening of 13th through the 14th. YOU will be able to send e-mails to me, but I will not be able to retrieve them till the 15th. Please keep sending the shoes, boots, slings, mules, pumps… (Hint: TODAY would be best, but all weekend is fine, too…) I’m becoming a little nervous here… can you tell…???? (This does not affect the Comments section, yay…) Alexandra

  5. avatar Ivanka says:

    “One shoe can make a such a difference.” Cinderella

  6. avatar Phyllis says:

    We are off to our daughter’s college graduation. Hopefully, I can send you a picture of my shoes on Sunday when we get home. The boys shoes are long gone – holes throughout!! But I’ll send a picture of my shoes. I’ll be totally humiliated. My daughter is always saying to me “Mom, you can’t wear fit flops for your anniversary dinner!” : ) She would fit well with the ladies in Russia with all the heels.

    • avatar admin says:

      Congratulations, Phyllis! College graduation, that’s so exciting! May it be the start of many good, new things (like a job for one, lol).

      We must see your shoes, we have Birkenstocks coming I’ve heard, no flip-flops so far (hallelujah), my own ratty shoes…. Hey, we have no pride. I actually did see a girl fall in Moscow–into a BIG puddle by the curb. She was a teen and she laughed it off, but the weather was pretty chilly and she was soaked. So, ladies, wear your pocket protectors and safe, small heels. I love older Italian women–in their wool skirt suits and small heels, even at 70 or 80. It’s the thought that counts, right?

      Men, where are youuuu???

  7. avatar admin says:

    Stay tuned later on Monday– I’ll be posting the fun photos that have come in…!

  8. avatar hogan scarpe donna says:

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