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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Adopting in Heels – The Reveal

It’s time to tell the world: there are well-heeled ladies who adopt (and men, and siblings, and friends). Come one, come all, show us your shoes, and we’ll walk a mile in them… right down the path to help one of those 143 million orphaned children in the world today.

We’re having so much fun, we might need to continue this parade of shoes on an ongoing basis…. Keep the photos and brief bios coming, and we’ll see what develops. Thanks so much for joining the fun!

For now, let’s hear some of our readers’ special stories…. Alright, I’ll go first if you insist….


Summer Sandals

Hi, I’m Alexandra, I’m more of a pump person, and when it comes to Russia, more of a boot person. On three of the four adoptions, we were there in the heat of summer in the south-! I might need to expand to sandals like these. What do you think?

They look a whole lot nicer than my everyday, ratty shoes which I ended up wearing everywhere last time. The rubber soles were very soft on the tootsies!


Snakeskin Shows Up in Court

I’m Sybil, a post adoptive mom and our female Russian judge was gorgeous and dressed like a business super model. I looked her straight in the eye and immediately whipped my BCBG heels out of my handbag and onto my feet right there in the courtroom. Every woman, regardless of race, color or creed understands when you’re “in it to win it” you need to be prepared with shoes this amazing.

(We salute you, Sybil, you’ve done us proud….)



Hobbled & Cobbled

My name is Winnie and I went to my SDA appt in Kiev, Ukraine in these stylish boots and was then dragged approximately 6 miles on cobblestones straining my knee and not allowing the use of these boots the rest of the trip. The shoes I wore to actual court are so ugly I wore them to work the “Adopt a Highway” garbage pick-up (hey they were waterproof). Court came with little warning and we didn’t have time to change clothes.

(Say no more, Winnie, we feel your pain…!)




Family & Friends Can Look Fab, Too

Hello, Susan here, an “auntie” to a special adoptive family. I love learning about the ins and outs of adoption, and seeing the beautiful children arrive and settle in. This is what I might wear to the airport to say “Welcome Home!”

(How many of you would love someone like this in your life…?)



Sandy Shores

Hi, I’m Wrenn.. .dreaming of adopting… from anywhere. I would wear these wedges as I could traverse cobblestone streets or a muddy field (well, maybe sandy). Feeling young enough to be up for the challenge ahead while still looking stylish!

(I see coastal kids in your future, playing along sandy beaches-! Our second son was from a resort area, maybe saw the beach once-? He was only a few blocks away geographically, but behind lock and key…. Better that the kids be with someone like you!)




Red Hot for Hot Mama

London journalist Gigi and her husband are adopting a beautiful little girl from Moscow Region this week! Why the Converse? Partly because I am totally cr*p in heels unless I’m drunk and partly because it’s the uniform practically for London mums. Sad isn’t it?

(A new baby will keep you on your toes, for sure—congrats!)




Men Who Can Brave the Elements

My name is Greg and my wife and I adopted a 14 year old girl from Ukraine this year. I sludged through snow, puddles, ice (mostly on the un-shoveled sidewalks) and mud in my waterproof Merrells in December and again in February to bring our daughter home. What a great investment (the shoes and our daughter!).

(We tip our hat to all dads committed to their future kids! My husband adopted our first son on crutches after slipping on the ice at home and breaking his ankle in three places. These guys are there through thick and thin….)




In Ukraine As We Speak-!

Ivanka goes to Ukraine in style! Hope she can return in the same style. (Not in white tennis shoes!)

(We know not what the future holds, but you’re off to a great start…. I’m sure your new 15 y.o. daughter will teach you everything you need to know about EE style-!)




Misha’s Mom Makes the Effort

I’m Misha’s mom, Steph, and we’ve been home from Vladimir only a couple of weeks. I normally don’t wear heels, but for my two-year-old little man with the cheeks, I’d do anything! Here I’m heading out to adoption court.

(The things we do for our kids-! Welcome home.)




Dads Do It in Style, Too

These are Benedetto’s shoes he bought on Trip #1 in Russia (meeting our first son). Then he slipped and severely broke his ankle. After surgery and many pins, the Bionic Man was ready to go six weeks later on Trip #2 and hobbled on crutches to get his firstborn. Unfortunately, his shoe size changed forever and our sons may now be eyeing these in their bid for World Domination.




If You Walked a Mile in My Shoes…

I’m Phyllis. Here are the shoes that I wore to court (on 2 separate days, by the way)! As we were walking back to the van after our second court day after they granted us the boys, I took off my shoes and walked the rest of the way in my stocking feet. My knees and feet were dying. I’m not sending a picture of the shoes that I wore the rest of the time we were there because I would humiliate my daughter….

(Tell her humiliation builds character and it’s part of our parental duties. We had two days of court, too, in one of our Russian regions.)




Wild Wellingtons

Hi, it’s Shelley. Spring and autumn in Russia can be slushy and wet. I was prepared (but changed just before any official appointment, don’t worry).





Power Pedicures

These are two girlfriends of mine at a recent get-together. I thought their toes looked cute, so I asked to snap their photo. One day when I’m grown up, I will look like this. First I must start wearing sandals. These friends have nothing to do with adoption. Maybe our photos will help change their minds…?


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  1. avatar Wrenn says:

    These are great, stories and the shoes. Hopefully this will inspire many to adopt~~

  2. avatar Greg says:

    On our first few nights in Kyiv waiting for our SDA appointment, my wife commented to me “do you have to be a supermodel to work in this hotel?” Not that I noticed, but all the women were tall, thin and beautiful and in ridiculously high heels. Thanks for the flashback to tall heels! It brought many smiles and wonderful memories of our adventure to Ukraine.

  3. avatar Phyllis says:

    I am profoundly impressed with Ivanka’s shoes!! And Auntie Susan’s shoes are just adorable. What a very precious aunt. I asked our translator how she could wear those heels all the time. Her reply was that “You push through the pain, then you will eventually have your feet ‘trained’ for them.”

    • avatar admin says:

      Wonderful idea, Phyllis. We should start contacting agencies right away and suggest “Adopting in Heels” as yet another pre-adoptive training course!

      As my calculations go, Ivanka should be in court any day, I think she should send us a photo of what she shoes she wore to court with some kind of Russian or Ukrainian language newspaper in the background so we’re sure it’s really her-! (That’s all she needs to think about, right?!)

  4. avatar admin says:

    Okay, folks, if you want to widen your horizons, look at what boots may be coming to our shores from Mexico: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/16/mexico-pointy-boots_n_862617.html#s279330

  5. avatar SLB says:

    Oh my! The Mexican boots! They look like just the thing for crowded places. Sure to position one at the front of the line. Who would want to be standing in front of you? I love it! Hmmm… might need an insurance policy to go with those, though. 🙂

    • avatar admin says:

      Crowded customs lines at airports? Mobs in the metro? Elevators overloaded? The possibilities are endless…. Okay, I’m in, who wants to join me?

  6. avatar Ivanka says:

    I am going to show EE Moma’s that we can hang ten with the best of them. Thanks for all the encouragement. I will send dated paper lest you doubt me.
    PaKah. For now

    • avatar admin says:

      Oooh, we have heard from the hinterlands of Ukraine. Stay tuned, folks, Ivanka is on the loose and an international incident may be in the making-! 🙂

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