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Adopting in Heels

Maybe you’ve caught the new Bravo TV program, “Pregnant in Heels”. Host Rosie Pope acts as a concierge of sorts, contracted by upscale NY couples to prepare for their first baby (and presumably remain stylish in the meantime). And while that’s beautiful for bio moms… I say…

Anything they can do, we can do better… as adoptive moms… with style!

“Adopting in Heels” is our latest adoption-promoting, fashion-forward project. Whether you’re Pre-Adoptive, Post-Adoptive, or simply Possibly Adoptive, tells us and show us:
1) Your first name and which of the three categories you belong to;
2) From where you’re adopting; and
3) What kind of wonderful wedges, sensational slings or powerful parenting pumps you wore, will be wearing, or might wear! (Boots count, too, NOT flip-flops, I don’t want to even go there…! Standards, ladies, standards… we’re adopting with style!)

Send a 4” x 6” sized photo of your sure-fire shoes for mahvelous motherhood (we’ll resize to fit the format). If you can’t decide what shoes to wear, submit a few photos, and our wise sages will advise. You have until May 15th, 2011, 12:00 midnight EST, to let the world know you’re “Adopting in Heels” (little heels count, too!).

My example: “I’m Alexandra, I adopted from Russia, braving the horrific heat of summer, and the shivery snows of winter with nary an Ugg in sight. Should I ever adopt again (aiiyyyhhgg!!!), I just might wear these….”

Keep it to two or three non-run-on sentences (easier for some than for others, no names being mentioned, present company excepted…). Dot your i’s and cross your t’s, which shouldn’t be too hard on a computer. Brush your teeth well after meals (oh, sorry, the Mommy Me is coming out). No prizes for this non-contest other than the proud satisfaction that being a stylish adoptive mom is within your reach and you have done your sisters proud. Feel free to post this link to other adoption lists, or the NY Times, or Vogue magazine, or Komsomolskaya Pravda….

Professional photographers and unprofessional crayon-colorers welcome. Send all entries to our e-mail (not to the comments): info @ destinations dreams and dogs .com (no spaces). We’ll start posting results after May 15th.

Thanks for joining in the fun! (Borrow a friend’s pair to snap if you had to adopt in ugly, utilitarian ones—adopted kids often arrive very mobile and we have to run fast….)


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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Hi DD&D,
    I think your ” send in your picture and story for Adopting in Heels” is just brilliantly delightful. I got my story and photo ready, but don’t understand how to send it to your email as what I am reading to send it to is: info @ destinations dreams and dogs .com That doesn’t work as an email according to my carrier. Can you let me know if this is correct despite what my carrier says? Thank you and thanks for the lighthearted fun.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Sybil, we need some lighthearted fun around here-! Yes, the e-mail is correct, you just need to take out the blank spaces. (If I write it all together, too many robot web-crawling creeps pick it up…) Can’t wait to see….

  2. avatar Greg M says:

    I’m feeling left out. 🙁
    I stuck out like a sore thumb (or a green thumb as our facilitator told me) in the Ukraine. Maybe I should have worn heels. You think I would have blended then??

    • avatar admin says:

      It’s up for debate, Greg, but definitely possible. I consulted with Benedetto who actually bought some more pointy (okay they were squarish) men’s shoes years ago on our first trip to Russia. By the time of our second trip, he had slipped on the ice in the US, broken his ankle in 3 places and his shoe size forever changed. He says as long as you don’t wear white tennis shoes, you should be okay. Tell us you didn’t wear white tennis shoes–puh-leeease!!! Alright, submit your photos and we’ll have the wise sages address the issue.

  3. avatar admin says:

    And the entries are arriving! Keep them coming, ladies ( and men !). This is the one-week countdown–let’s get some positive attention for adopting….

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