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Adoption Agencies Working in Russia – 2012

Later this month, Destinations, Dreams and Dogs will be posting information about adoption agencies currently working in Russia and holding a permit to work there.  If you were a client of an agency that worked well for you, please let us know to extend an invitation for them to participate.

Many of our readers may be considering another Russian adoption, or a first.  Congratulations!  We hope to fill in the blanks for you with agencies that will give you a ballpark estimate of costs, timeframes, number of trips currently required, and so much more.

This is free advertising and 3-D has no connections with any of the agencies.  We also cannot confirm nor deny any of the information furnished, but perhaps this will assist you in starting your research.

Stay tuned….



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    I would be very interested in hearing who still works in Russia. We have friends who are hoping to adopt, too. Thank you!

  2. avatar admin says:

    I agree, Shelly, it will be helpful to hear from the different agencies. All of us have friends of friends… and to have updated info would help those considering Russian adoption.

  3. avatar Sarah says:

    Please include IAG. They are excellent. Three great adoptions with them in our family and many other families that I am friends with have had great experiences with them. Great idea by the way.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Sarah, we’ve contacted each agency that has a permit for Russia (I think we got them all, but it’s best to doublecheck). Everyone might want to drop an e-mail to their agency so that they meet the upcoming deadline and can be included. It’s so wonderful to hear GOOD news!

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