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Adoption Support Forum

imagesIt’s almost as though the adoption community has become a highly-compartmentalized, corporate mechanism.  Here are the agencies who help to place children.  Here are the social workers who get your homestudy and dossier in order.  Here are the international adoption pediatricians who can assist in reviewing your referral.  Here are the therapists and neuropsychologists who run tests and talk things out when behavioral issues arrive after the child comes home.  Here are the parents’ groups who have gone through the process together and asked all of the same questions, until, after a year or so home, they’re too busy with everyday life, or they simply long to stop being reminded that the child ever had a past, and the parent drops from the adoption scene.

Time passes, and the child has to do a presentation about his family tree.  Questions arise.

The child may have learning challenges, or strabismus, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Experts are consulted.AdoptionAgreement

Perhaps the son or daughter does very well until the late teens.  Then they want to visit the birth country, or start engaging in risky behavior.  You’d really like some insights from another adoptive parent, not just the paid-by-the-hour-professionals.

Are we there for each other?  We may all be at different stages in our family lives, or having a hectic time in our careers, yet there’s the pull to reach out and lift those going through a rough or questioning patch.

Tips, ideas, a shoulder to cry on, a new strategy to try, sharing a laugh or two.  It’s all here at 3-D Adoption Talk, an adoption chat forum where participants are supported, rather than questioned, suspected, and shot down.  The glitches are gone, and it’s a user-friendly format, where you don’t need to wait a week or so to see your question appear.

adoption-3ef094d4e8f57a775934348f5eae0bfb62af0c87-s6-c10The more you participate, the more support and understanding there is to go around.  Spread the word, we’re here for you, and now you can be here for others.

To become involved in the Adoption Talk chat forum, it’s very easy, and takes about 5-10 minutes total the first time:

1.  Go to main home 3-D page, or chat page (either one will now work).

2.  Go to right column (navigation bar) halfway down page:  Adoption Talk Sign-in.

3.  Put in e-mail address.

4.  Password mailed to you.

5.  Plug-in e-mail & password, takes you to page to get personal password.AdoptedHeart

6.  Then you’re ready to go!

When you arrive to that point, you should be ready to post.  Currently, there are a couple of questions hanging in the air, waiting for responses. Will you help to reach out with some suggestions, or situations you’ve faced?  Why not give back for the support you’ve received in the past?

Here’s our chance.  Carpe diem.



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  1. avatar melin says:

    How funny. Think I’ve heard this before , “Duplicate comment. You’ve said that before.”

    Questions: Is this the main home 3-D page or chat page you refer to? Because nothing opened up from the link that was sent to my email . Or perhaps I have a password with you that I forgot about?

  2. avatar melin says:

    I am using the “Adoption Talk Sign In” on the right side bar of this very page? Good?

    So when I go to Adoption Talk sign in, it asks for , “Username.” Is that where the e-mail address belongs? It also has a rectangular box for “Password,” which I don’t have either. Because when I’ve put my email address in without the password, it says something like, “word press – you need a password.” When I click to obtain a password, it says something like, “You are not registered with Word Press and cannot get a Password.”

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks sooo much, Melin, for asking these questions. It’s one of the ways we can determine what people are seeing and trying to do. This is what you do:

      1. Either on Front (home) Page or Adoption Talk page of 3-D site, go halfway down on right side bar.
      2. If you have not used a Password or Username in the last few days that Adoption Talk has been semi-functioning, then you click on the small white box: “Log In”.
      3. This takes you to the Word Press Log-in page, where you click “Register” on the bottom line. That’s where you register for this site with Username & E-mail.
      4. Then a Password will be e-mailed to you (which you can change to one of your preference).

      I think this should work! Thanks for jumping in. 🙂

  3. avatar melin says:

    O.K. So I am slightly further along. Even this very message I am typing is in the color white – so white on white, which is odd. I registered, tried to use the assigned password, kept rejecting my username saying it is not valid. Created a new password and was able to log in. However, at that point it show’s a “melin profile” and nothing else. It was not evident where to click for accessing the adoption talk page. At the very top of the page there is your logo (for lack of a better word) and the word “dashboard”. When I click on dashboard I get a chart that says there are 12 topics, nine replies and something like 2,220 users. But it also says I do have permission to access the links for topics or replies.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thank you Melin for continuing to try…we still have a few issues. We were not aware of the new white on white but will get on changing the code that caused that. Once you are logged in, try just clicking on the adoption talk link in the menu bar at the top of the front page. This should take you to the forum page that lists all the topics and comments. From here you should be able to click on anything and comment. Thanks for your help.

  4. Thanks for providing this vital information..With this we can find out what actually people are finding during the adoption process.

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