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Adoption Talk Tutorial

imagesMany thanks to all who are testing the new system of an Adoption Chat Forum at Destinations, Dreams and Dogs.  Still a few kinks to work out, but we’re getting there.  For now, folks have asked how to Log-in.  All of this will be under review in the near future, but for now, give this a try:

1.  Go to main (home) 3-D page (not chat page).

2.  Go to right column (navigation bar) halfway down page:  Adoption Talk Sign-in.

3.  Put in e-mail address.

4.  Password mailed to you.

5.  Plug-in e-mail & password, takes you to page to get personal password.

6.  Then you’re ready to go!

Again, when you arrive to that point (should take 5-10 minutes total), you should be ready to post.  That’s when the funSign-In--Log-in-page-007 begins!

Go to the category that interests you.  Currently, the box where you type your comment or question is light and difficult to read the type as you are working on it.  But when you hit “Submit” it will post as a legible comment.  That’s a big glitch that we’re working on.

Everyone who “test-drives” 3-D’s Adoption Talk is bringing us one step closer to ease of use.  Let us know how it’s going because we might be missing your comments.

Personally, I’m not a high-tech person, but I’m willing to try for the greater good of the adoption community.  Let’s see if we can make this work.  Thanks for giving it a shot.

(Congrats to NancyB, who just got through– yay!  And we’re off….)



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  1. avatar NancyB says:

    Yay! Happy to help . . . 🙂

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