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Affordable Electronics for Kids

Benedetto has hit upon a fabulous idea.  It all happened one day when his phone broke.

This scholar and Renaissance man uses his phone early in the morning and late at night when commuting.  He enjoys listening to lectures about any number of topics which interest him.  I say it’s a way to avoid talking with me, but that’s another topic.  The point is, he used his i-Phone so much that the earbud jack became lodged inside.  Broke off right in the phone itself.  Wouldn’t budge.  Wouldn’t come out with tweezers, needle-nose pliers, or anything.

That’s a problem.

So he went to buy another phone.  Nowadays, the exalted apparatus costs all of 99 cents, so it was not a big splurge.

But what to do with the old one?  He already had a 2-year service plan….

In a moment, a flash of brilliance overwhelmed my husband.  He thought of bickering children, and how, no matter how many millions we had floating around, we did not like to indulge their every whim:  i-Pod, i-Phone, i-Pad, I-wanta, I-gotta, I-hafta-!

Get out the tin cans and string and be happy, already.  Etch-a-Sketch, anyone?

In the interests of science and developing better hand-eye coordination and some semblance of technological expertise, we could capitulate on some items.  But we believed in rewards, and negotiation, and sharing skills that could only be learned when children did not have “their own”… everything.

So this is how it went down:  Dead phone.  Brainstorm.  Use dead phone as i-Pod to be shared by three younger children.  But only when they did their homework, wrote their thank you notes, got along with each other, and didn’t bite their nails.  Oh, and kept a neat room.  Actually, more like don’t have a pigsty room.  And helped around the house.  And maintained a pleasant attitude.  And a whole host of a zillion other items.

The kids were thrilled.  They were big guys now!  Benedetto downloaded all of the games he felt were appropriate, and each got his or her turn.

Never had so much fun, all for 99 cents.  Thought you’d want to know.



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  1. avatar Fran says:

    We did that also for my granddaughter, Anya. Our Uncle Dam upgraded his I-phone to the latest, greatest and turned the obsolete I-phone into an I-pod (phone without the sim card) with music and age appropriate games for our 9 year old. She’s happy ‘as a clam’ and more proficient than Grandma is with all the electronic gadgets!!


    • avatar admin says:

      Isn’t that great, Fran? And don’t feel bad: my kids are definitely more proficient than I am! I figure I have to preserve my brain for more important things. 🙂

  2. avatar near says:

    iPhone is better,plenty apps

  3. My child urges me to buy her Ipodtouch 4. I just gave in, she has plenty of apps on that plus I too, is enjoying playing SMURFS whenever she’s not around. Ha Ha Ha

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