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Allowing for a Child’s (or Adult’s) Turnaround

MODEL RELEASED. Happy teenage girl.


Sashenka is a changed young woman. Night and day. One-eighty. U-turn to the fast-track of congeniality.

Is it an act? I don’t think so, but hey, peacefulness is preferable. I’m not asking anyone to quash their emotions and smack happy-teen-girlsa smile on their face. Instead, I think it’s okay to ask that we deal with the past by living life to the max in the present.

And she’s taken the challenge.

She’s been positive. And powerful. And pretty adorable.

This is the real Sashenka.

It’s what I’ve said all along, in order to get someone to change, you’ve got to help them break the patterns. That’s why things like boot camp, wilderness treks or lock-down work so well. Or talking sweetly to someone who’s been antagonistic.

You change. They change.

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